Friday, June 3, 2022

NETFLIX: Night of the Mini Dead

 Too cute

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Go see it on NETFLIX ♡ 

Night of the Mini Dead 

Part of Love, Death & Robots Season 3 

Stay vigilant!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Monkeypox & More in 2022

s m h 

When I started this blog just over a decade ago, things were considerably tame. What were we fussing about back in 2010?

Often encountered in West Africa, it is now  detected in over 20 countries including Spain, Portual, the United Kingdom, and now its new world host Argentina. 

Full article on The Guardian on the WHO's updates can be found here

Google sez: 
The symptoms of monkeypox are similar to those of smallpox. But monkeypox symptoms are typically milder.
The early symptoms include:
  • fever, which is commonly the first symptom.
  • headache.
  • muscle aches.
  • back ache.
  • fatigue.
  • chills.
  • swollen lymph nodes, also known as lymphadenopathy.

"Treated like smallpox as they are the same class of virus... vaccine cross immunity is possible"

There are no approved or proven treatments according to the CDC but "most people survive without intervention". 




Kyiv stands. Ukraine resists!

Corina virus cases are still rising in Taiwan. 

Significant geopolitical shifts are rapidly taking place across the globe. Keep an eye for it over here in Asia for that matter. 



We are buying our first pistol caliber carbine really soon. 9mm is a great round to stockpile. 

I've upgraded to a CZ Shadow 2 with a Holosun ACSS green reticle. I'm shooting Production Optics now!

We've got smoke grenades too! Many other functions...

The venerable Sideout camping backpack has stood up pretty well over the years. 

I've upgraded my 3 day assault pack to a Vanquest Ibex 26. Got it at 40% from Forged Philippines, by Grabthar's Hammer what a savings.  

The modularity and slim profile works wonders for my requirements. I gave my older LA Police Gear 3 Day pack to my cousin. It holds 50L, I'm sure it will serve him well. 

Medical preps are just as important as anything. Make sure to get First Aid training. Every responsible adult should have that. At the very least, teach every family member how to use a tourniquet. 

If the last two years of COVID-19 has taught me anything, its that keeping your hands clean is often more important than a facemask. The mask matters indoors. My family never got the virus. Perhaps the Moderna really did work. Horaay for science. 

This year is going to get a lot busier with our IPSC/USPSA training. Ill be at the shooting range a lot more often. 

Hope you are doing well, dear reader. 

Stay vigilant!

Thursday, March 10, 2022

The "N-Word": Russia Threatens Nuclear War

Wuhan Pandemic + Russian Nukes + Zombies = 

Good grief. Radioactive Supermutant Zombies. 

Its been trending all over the news right now. The russian president who is obviously frustrated at not capturing the capital in 48 hours and has been suffering unprecedented losses for more than a week finally dropped the dreaded "N-word"

As if to remind the world that he is a global pariah twice over, he's also a sore loser. Him and his bff in beijing. 

What can we expect? Hoarding of iodine, gas masks, panicky global markets,  petrol prices skyrocketing, food shortage, doomsday cults, and lots & lots of media hype. 



For years russia's vaunted military stood as the poster-boy for those edgy anti-NATO pseudo-analysts. The heirs of the glorious Soviet war-machine could not be beat. Asymmetrical warfare will thwart the West! Or so I've heard. 

The past week has shown how ill-equipped their units are. The low morale and overall quality of their soldiers laid bare. Even their vast air force was a no-show. 

Here's my prediction: Putin will strike a deal before he gets ousted. He will look like the winner in some ways, but the losses are already piling up too fast for him to hold on to power for long. 

Wait till the soldiers come home and tell everyone how they got ambushed at every turn by a supposedly inferior country. How farmers and tractors claimed dozens of their main battle tanks. How they resorted to war crimes because of their ineptitude. Not to mention the near-trillion dollar losses they will take this year from sanctions and pull-outs from their country. 

Dude they practically nuked themselves in the foot.

Who else remembers Boris Yeltsin's joke of an economy? 

Revolutions have happened for less, comrade.


Nobody expected the Ukrainian resistance to be this shockingly good. They are resisting with unparalleled courage and ingenuity against a world power. 

Ukraine no longer fights alone. Capable volunteers of the truest sense from around the free world are arriving by the thousands. 

Pretty sure that china is looking at the global support in horror. Good. Let them think twice about touching Taiwan. Nobody loves them either. 


When the time comes, we should remember their example. Be it the vast hordes of invaders, mutants, the living dead, or all of that rolled into one... Look to Kyiv for inspiration. 

Stay vigilant! 

Monday, March 7, 2022

Ukraine Against the "Z" Invasion

The "Z" symbol on Russian combat vehicles invading The Ukraine? There is more to this than meets the eye. On the surface we know that it is an identifier to prevent friendly fire in combat and logistics. This still happens quite frequently even in modern warfare.

Photos from

According to the team in SkyNews and other analysts, they also indicate their intended destination for the invasion. Simple logistics on the surface of things. Full article can be found here

Recent events have also shown that it has become a emblem of support for the invasion. There is a gymnast who wore it beside his Ukrainian rival who won gold. This is highly unsportsmanlike, also a strong indicator of zombiefication. 

Propaganda 101: people like symbols. We can be conditioned to respond to it in any manner or ways.

Mind control is a form of destroying the brain. That is one of many ways of how people get turned into zombies

It means something to me as well. I mean a "Z" invasion is something we are preparing for. 

In one form or another. 

Stay vigilant!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

PHILVOCS: Mt. Pinatubo Alert Level 1


I was in my first year in high-school when it blew up. The most powerful eruption of the entire 20th century. 

Stuck at home because my asthma was so bad, I could barely breathe even when locked up in my room. It was a real danger for me for an entire week.

The ashfall covered the entire planet and reduced global temperatures a wee bit. 

So yeah, I've got some history with this volcano.

Stay vigilant!