Monday, July 15, 2019

Department of Health Declares National Dengue Alert

The rainy season brings all kinds of bad news.  Heads up people, we've got a Dengue Outbreak in some parts of my city as well as dozens of places all over the country.

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From the Department of Heath (DOH):

Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III today declared Dengue Alert Status in selected regions in the country. This is in response to the rapidly increasing number of cases observed in the Philippines. 

Regions IVB, VI, VII and X have exceeded the epidemic threshold while Regions I, II, IVA, V, VIII, IX, XI, BARMM, and CAR are in Alert Status.


Use Mosquito repellent daily in areas where the alert has been raised. School systems in these areas are particularly vulnerable.

Good hygiene can prevent bites as they're are attracted to perspiration. In a humid county such as ours, having a washtowel and cleaning up through the day can certainly help.

Look for plants and flower pots that could be breeding places for mosquitoes.  It does not take a lot of water for them to find a home.

Speaking of breeding places, inspect your trash and make sure that its dry. It rains often so you could miss some new places where they can lay eggs.

Citronella oil sprays, electric bug zappers, and fumigation are far better than getting sick.

What's dengue fever? Click the video above to find out. 

This is serious, the time to act now.

Stay vigilant! 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Product Review: Kel-Tec P3AT (After 6 Years)

Shooting footage! YEET!

I've had this pistol since 2013 and ran it like crazy over the years, easily over a thousand rounds. What a wild ride its been. Today I will do my best to give an honest review and the history of my second EDC pistol.

photo by Oleg Volk
I purchased it in 2012. My first carry firearm was an Armscor .38 spl revolver, the M206. It was heavy, bulky, but it was adequate at the time. 

That wheelgun was on my hip and man bag for more than a year and I felt that a change was needed. 

Back then the Kel-Tec fever was in full swing as it revolutionized the pocket pistol world. Reviews of their guns were all over YouTube like Nutnfancy's P3AT Review. He's controversial, but I think he's a fun guy and has his heart in the right place.

Oleg Volk released iconic photography for the little pocket pistol.

RISE of the .380 ACP

The Ruger LCP made its debut soon afterward. Sites like Brass Fetcher, Poboyspecial and PocketGunandGear were around this era as well. Tests for the viability of the .380 acp helped a lot of firearm owners to rethink this cartridge.

Today it is considered to be the minimum caliber for personal protection.

EDC lineup circa 2013

  • weight: 7.7 oz
  • overall length: 5.2 inches
  • height: 3.5 inches
  • width: 0.77 inches
  • magazine capacity: 6
  • caliber: .380 acp

Rough Start

I had to return the pistol to the company that I got it from for a week right after buying it. The gun had at least 1 failure to eject in every magazine for the first 200 rounds. That freaked me out. They fixed it and gave it back to me.

I started carrying it and trained with at least 100 rounds a month. That is a lot as far as pocket pistols go. 

Strong Points

This was indeed the lightest and most concealable pistol that packed a reasonable punch.

The P3AT was so light I could wear it on my BOXER SHORTS or go jogging with the help of that nifty belt clip and soft holster. It could even hide behind a big belt buckle with a little creativity!

As long as I'm awake, I could actually be armed 100% of the time.


The pistol's sights were practically nonexistent but that wasn't a problem. I was determined to shoot it well and I was able to reach an acceptable level so it saw tons of range time.

The long trigger pull is part of the firearm's safety so it was a bit tricky for guys like me who are used to single-action triggers. Good thing the break at the end was predictable enough.

Recurring Problems

Trouble seemed to follow me in the form of infamous malfunctions such as the "P3AT Smiley". Google it or click that link to see what I had to endure. There were Failure to Feeds as you'll see in the video below and the FTEs had returned about two years later.

An old friend Huey's Gunsight also FTE issues but I'm really glad he was able to solve it.

not again
I also had light primer strikes, but they only happened on the reloads and magtech ammunition. 

The slide stop takedown pin also broke at least 3 times. I don't live in the USA so I had to wait a few months for me to travel to Oregon and order parts from Florida.

To their credit, Kel-Tek's customer service phone number people are VERY helpful. They even answer their email. I got a few replacement pins for free and I could hear their smile from the other side of the line. Thank you.

A few years after I mothballed the pistol it would finally light strike every single time. I believe the hammer spring had finally worn itself out. Sadly that would mean I would have to order parts from the plant again. 

The Good Times

When it was good, it ran well. Perhaps I was expecting too much out of this little gun. I was running it IPSC style fast and hard. I could ring steel plates at 15 meters, double tapping paper at point blank or in-between no-shoots. I was John-Wicking the thing because I needed to.

I made this video to remind me that there are many P3AT owners who have had nothing but good luck with their purchase. Perhaps they're the majority and I was just unlucky.

Hindsight is 20/20

I don't regret this whole experience even if I still feel a little bad about it because I wanted to make it work. And for a time it did.

This gun would have served me better if I had spare parts that could be delivered to me quickly. They're all minor parts. A few springs and pins, who cares? Well, I live in the Philippines. Oops.

For those who have proper support and who are among the majority of these pistols that work FLAWLESSLY, then you have an ideal backup pistol. There's loads of positive video reviews out there to prove it.

It was a tough relationship, but we made it WORK

All of this has taught me to put reliability out of the box at the very top of my requirements for any gun. Even if its a little heavier, I'll find a way. As long as I can trust it 100%, then its worth the minor inconvenience.

I still haunt the KTOG forums (Kel-Tec Owner's Group) and see that most of the guys there are happy with their purchase, especially with the later production models. 

Since then I've moved on to carrying a fantastic carry gun that has never ever let me down.

Stay vigilant!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I'm on Instagram!

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I enjoy photography. There are entire afternoons where I line up my gear and snap a few dozen shots.  My favorite subjects aside from cool gear are my pets, home, and travel.

More than a decade ago there was Flickr which was cool. Today we have Instagram.  As ya'll know by now I'm not really trying to boost my own signal. I'll put some of my stuff there because it makes me happy.

I'm basically using a few platforms to keep tabs on possible outbreaks, contagion, disasters, terrorism, and basically all kinds of boogaloo. For equipment and combat related eye candy and trends Instagram and Pinterest come in handy.

If anything, its another fun way to keep my eyes peeled and gather more intel.

Hey cool, this is some kind of a milestone. Thanks for sticking around!

Stay vigilant!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Smashing Coconut Test IV: Marlin XT-22 YR (Youth Rifle)

press "play" to watch the video

The humble .22LR, its the smallest, cheapest, and most readily available cartridge worldwide. We also put it in one of the smallest rifles you could buy. Is it up to the task?

Dear friends, I present to you the Marlin XT-22 YR. I got this for my daughter, and on her first day she was landing hits on 2 inch targets at 35 meters. She was 5 years old at the time. I bought it at PB Dionisio


  • Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
  • Capacity: 7 shot detachable magazine, compatible with Marlin's 10 round magazines
  • Pro Fire Adjustable Trigger
  • 12 Inch length of pull suitable for children
  • 1:16 twist rate, 16 1/4 inch Micro-Groove barrel 
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds 
  • Adjustable open rear sights, ramp front sights, receiver ready for scope mounting 

  • Will a youth rifle loaded with subsonic ammo take down the UNDEAD??
  • How does it perform with a suppressor?
  • Compare loudness between high velocity and subsonic ammunition.

The targets: FOUR coconuts. husk removed. ripe for maximum shell strength


Click to zoom
The effective range of .22lr is traditionally between 50 to 100  yards depending on the sighting system or riflescope being used. For this test, we are using the Leapers UTG 4-16x. This is a popular choice for airguns.

Our best groups with Armscor Super Quiet, Standard Velocity, and High Velocity ammunition were a little above 2 inches. Velocities of these averaged 840, 1010, and 1250 fps respectively.

I just used a bipod and these are pretty cheap ammo.  I'd expect to subtract a whole inch off with Eley, CCI, RWS, and other high-quality brands.

I'd love to make a comparison of those sometime.

Bonus: When using our suppressor the groups were slightly tighter and the velocity went up by at least 50 fps. Cool!

Our can is made of T6 Aluminum and CNC machined. In the Philippines, accessories such as suppressors are not regulated by the government. 

that's the semi-auto Kel-Tec SU22 beside the Marlin.
Its accuracy was just below .5 inches compared to the bolt-action rifle

Noise Levels & Accuracy

The loudest and the quietest went head to head: High Velocity VS Super Quiet. The suppressor was not able to mask the supersonic crack of the hot ammo.

Humans and the undead will hear it from beyond 200 meters or more. Unacceptable. 

Bullet drop was also a major consideration between the two. At distances over 100 meters, the drop was measured at 4 inches. It increases dramatically further than that.

The best quality of Armscor Super Quiet is... its quietnes and it works as advertised.

I got a bolt-action rifle so that we could have the stealthiest firearm possible in our collection and I was not disappointed. With the suppressor it was a soft "pop" completely hearing safe. Even Remington "CB" ammo was louder.

Unfortunately it was less accurate. Hey its bulk ammo.

With this round I could make 1/2 inch groups with this at distances below 50 meters, and 2 inches at 100. This tells us from how far we could plant a bullet into a zombie's eye socket.

To put this into perspective, a match-grade bolt action rimfire rifle and good ammo can easily land same-hole shots at 50 meters and 1/2 inch  at 100 meters. That's easily twice as accurate as our rifle. 


What we have is one of the best zombie hunting weapons around: virtually noiseless, deadly, and accurate firearm that could take out countless brain-eaters with mountains of cheap ammunition.

It is really satisfying when the concept of this platform proves itself in the real world.


As you will see in the video montage, the photographs were from 2015. My daughter has come a long way since then and is now handling larger firearms. This is her first gun and its great to know that it can help her take down countless hordes with it all by herself. 

Stay vigilant!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Trauma Kit

"Stop holes, plug holes, make holes. Make sure you carry some damn medical supplies on yourself..."

"... All men are made of water, do you know this? If you pierce them, the water leaks, and they die."
- Syrio Forel

"May this be of no use"
- Aradesh giving The Vault Dweller an IFAK (Fallout 1)

"You can never have too many tourniquets"
- Rene Dolar, US Army Ranger

Medical gear was one of the top things on our list when we began this journey. I'm preparing for the unlikely event that we may need urgent medical care. It can happen anytime before or during SHTF. Not only should your home have them, they're a must-have for your emergency bags.

We shall focus on 4 Kinds of Trauma Kits. All of these were designed to address massive bleeding and airway management.

I. Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch

I first saw it on a video by Ultimate Survival Tips back in 2016. That video was about his 25 pound combat survival loadout. Another awesome guy who used this is Skinny Medic. He's a longtime favorite YouTuber of mine.

Tell you honestly its huge. Look how my hand barely grasps the whole thing.

The others are smol by comparison. 

This is big on value for your hard-earned money. I won't put it on my chest rig because of the sheer size. And you know how bags get. The bigger they are, the more you will be tempted to fill it up.

The good thing however is that you can tear if off any bag that uses MOLLE panels for quick access. This big fat pouch serves as our trauma and all-around medical supply bag for the family bug out bag. That's basically our large backpack that has a week's worth of supplies plus this medical gear.

4x 6-inch Israeli Bandages
2x nasopharyngeal airway
2x Quick Clot
2x CAT Tourniquets
4x HYFIN Chest Seals
2x Celox Hemostat Gauze
lots of sterile gauze
trauma shears
small flashlight
Sharpie pen
+general boo-boo kit like band-aids, ibuprofen, diatabs, moleskin tapes, etc.

II. Condor Rip-Away EMT Lite

This is attached to my personal 3-Day Assault Pack. If I need to go somewhere and do something important and dangerous for a few days, this is the backpack that I take with me.

The Lite has the perfect balance of size and carrying capacity. I highly recommend this kind of pouch as it can fit even on your EDC bag. There is no reason why you should not have one of these on you.

Despite the Gucci crowd's disdain for anything Condor, I stand by this product.

In fact, I am giving it my SEAL OF APPROVAL. Consider this a very positive review for this product from yours truly.

This was once on my first battle belt before I replaced it. This is still of my most portable and useful pouches for any tactical situation.

1 CAT Tourniquet
1x 4-inch Israeli Bandage
1x Z-Pack Dressing
2x Hyfin Chest Seals (compact)
1x nasopharyngeal airway
1x Celox Hemostat Gauze

III. Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! Micro

Living at the center of my battle belt is the highest-speed & lowest-drag item in my collection. I needed to put the smallest possible trauma kit to keep the belt as light as possible. Its only downsize is that its too small to hold a CAT Tourniquet so I have a separate pouch dedicated to that one TQ on my belt. I have two more on my plate carrier and a pair of trauma shears.

Its so small and well-built, I love it.


1x 4-inch Israeli Bandage
1x Hyfin Chest Seal (it actually contains a pair for entry and exit)
1x nasopharyngeal airway
1x Celox Hemostat Gauze

This was my very first pouch. Back when it was new, naysayers criticized it for being too small to contain what people thought was needed for an IFAK.

I didn't see it that way. I liked how it was narrow as opposed to being fat and wide. 3 years ago, it was normal to see some dudes put the big fat Condor EMT Pouch on the sides of their chest rigs. I never liked the idea of having a "built in arm rest".

What people didn't get was this particular pouch was intended for severe trauma. In our case, bullet holes. That's more specific compared with the traditional US Army IFAK. That means you can carry what you need to address massive bleeding and airway management in a relatively small package.

Again this is ideal for battle belts, chest rigs, and backpacks. Its also easy to remove and pass around to those who need it. One is none, and two is one.

With my setup, it can basically carry what the EMT Lite can PLUS an additional Israeli Bandage. Its an underrated product and the build quality is the usual top notch from this brand. The TQ is also INSIDE the pouch, something that the Blue Force Gear offering cannot do. 

V. Summary

Your medkits should serve a specific purpose, and size is one of the biggest factors on how they will be used. Check out this photo for size and content comparison. Over the years I've had enough opportunities to bring them around and we have settled on the most useful contents for each.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care and the IFAK has come a long way. Today's standards are now mission-specific and minimalist. The contents have also evolved to fit smaller and lighter kits. This allows for more flexibility to address a wider variety of needs. There are more tourniquets, hemostatic agents, and bandages than even 3 years ago.

That's good news for family-oriented survivalists like you and me. I've tailored our gear according to each member's level of training and we do practice how to use each item on a regular basis.

Make sure to have duplicates that are within reach like putting them in EDC bags, your car, or at your workplace. An emergency can strike at any time.

I really hope this serves as a reminder to not neglect medical equipment in your preparations.

Stay vigilant!