Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday = The Great Panic

Yep, its scary. 

This photo is from a post on my buddy's Facebook page. Smart guy.

Its all fun and games 'till someone gets hurt. What was that report stating that NYC will descend into cannibalism in just two weeks of food running out?

I'm not all doom and gloom but today's nationwide madness is a taste of what can will happen. 

Some thoughts:

  • I have food and water under the bed, but is it enough?
  • Is my area really safe from rioting and marauders? 
  • I have food but many people don't. What's gonna happen when thousands of them are going to start looking for it? Are they gonna ask politely?
  • How will my community handle this crisis? 
  • Can I really bug in my home location and ride out a crisis?
  • I need to know when its time to get outta Dodge. Identifying the early warning signs could be a life saver. I want to avoid the mad rush to escape my area. 
  • I think its time to rehearse our bug out drill again with our new SUV. 
  • I wish I bought a black SUV. Easier to conceal. The one we got is kinda brightly colored.
  • My next homework is the actual checklist when we bug out and how we put all the stuff into the SUV. What goes in, what order, how fast can we do it?

A Great Panic can happen when food, water, electricity, and other essentials get turned off. It does not have to be a cataclysmic event. 

Get ready, your family is counting on you. 

Stay vigilant!

Monday, November 7, 2016

24th Defense & Sporting Arms Show

How's that piggy bank of yours? This is the time when I buy ammo at a 15-20% discount and maybe a few AR15 magazines. Hope to find a good deal. I'm in the market for .22lr and 5.56, maybe some .380 too.

These guys are some of the very best shooters in the world. Oh, the DSAS also has a Facebook page too. See you there!

Stay vigilant!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I. Family Time

When I started this blog my kid was still tiny. Now she's a tall 8 year old and has grown accusomed to dealing with zombies every year. Here she is with this really cool family doing the Día de los Muertos theme. Nicely done! They even had cold drinks for the grown-ups.

This time we saw more Walkers. Maybe because Glenn and Abraham's deaths were traumatic. I saw a Negan or two, but far too many Harley Quinns. I think the zombie ratio went up this year and the number of Twilight characters are nearly next to zero. Good numbers if you ask me. Keep in mind that this is the Philippines. I wish our weather was a little cooler so we can have more options for costumes, but I'm not really complaining.

I took the opportunity to walk in full kit (without the magazines and ammo and my firearms). However I did take along an air rifle (the Gamo Whisper IGT) that kinda looks like a sniper rifle to complete the look. I also had my bow.

For the 1st leg of Trick or Treat, Mrs. Zombe Hunter was wearing my chest rig while I went with an archery setuo. It was cool coz she looked really nice in it! Sure wish she could play dress-up with me more. I mean, its only once a year. She wanted to do some Lara Croft thing, so it was pretty easy to sell the idea to her. 

For the rest of the night I wore my whole suit sans the guns plus my short-range bug out bag. I was surrounded by a horde of Zeds, Suicide Squad people, Pokemons, Rick's Crew, dead folks from The Book of Life, and the cast of the Avengers (favorite among the little ones).

I regret not being able to take more photos of the participants, but I was very busy taking watch over three small children. 

I only saw one killer clown. Guess they aren't that big a deal in our parts.


II. A More Serious Note

Mrs. Zombie Hunter had a reflection about how many people were walking around all over town tonight: "out of the thousands, how many are trying to break in and steal things or do bad stuff?". It was something on our mind while we were walking with our daughter.

What if this horde were refugees fleeing some crisis or how about a roving band of desperate people? What if they were gangs pillaging food?

Say the same bunch of 200 people lining up outside that big house asking for candy was really asking for ALL OF YOUR STUFF, not just half?  And even if you wanted to do something to turn them away, could  you?

I think it was nice that she was thinking about all of this without me sounding like some know-it-all. I mean, she always gets an earful when I geek out talking about SHTF. It does not have to be SHTF if even a minor crisis forces people into getting desperate.

III. Two Kinds of Threats

A hungry crowd can become emotional and then turn desperate. I think with the preparations I have, this is something we can manage.  What I'm not so sure about is a crowd that would deliberately terrorize and attack the unprepared. Add that to my list of reasons to bug out. You can't hunker down for that.

IV. On the Nature of Crime and Crisis

Just now, as in literally 2 minutes ago we were talking about criminals. In all our experiences regarding the people who've swindled or stolen things from our property or company we both agreed on one thing:

Criminals will do their thing simply because an opportunity presented itself. Damn the consequences. 

Now factor that in a crisis scenario and all the big kahunas leading bands of wannabee marauders. That's what we should look out for.

Yeah. This Halloween was good. Nobody got hurt, except our teeth :-)

Stay safe and stay vigilant!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Photo Editing my Wasteland Suit With Prisma

Yep, this is me. hello zombie world! - TZH
click photos to enlarge

I've spent nearly two years putting this loadout together including the various tests for this blog. Nearly half of it is photography. Just yesterday I stumbled upon PRISMA on Google Play and its now my go-to photo editor to make my drab old photos look zombie-apocalypse themed. I love it!

The various filters really capture the mood I was looking for and I'm really happy how they come out. I can't wait to see how this app will evolve. Its free but frankly I'm prepared to pay a fair fee for some premium features because this stuff is pretty slick.

All my photos now have a comic-book feel and I think its perfect for my blog. Easy Peasy: I just put my favorite photos in my mobile phone, edit them with Prisma, and presto!

I don't have professional photography or studio so this app helps make my photos look way better. I actually spend a lot of time admiring my own collection and a lot more when they're edited.

Anyway, here's a sneak preview of my Wasteland Suit (still thinking of a more appropriate name) that's designed to operate away from my base for extended periods.

I can do well fighting a horde of zombies while knee-deep in floodwater in a raging tropical storm. In the dark. That is what my kit is designed for.

Its got a suppressed Kel-Tec SU22, eight 30 round magazines, my high-capacity Para-Ordnance P16.40 with 3 extra 19 round magazines, my United Cutlery M48 Tomahawk, and a Schrade bushcraft knife. There's more ammo and survival gear in the backpack.

This ain't cosplay, all my equipment is the real deal. My gear is not not mil-spec but I'm happy to say that everything is ready and tested for SHTF.

Full details to follow sometime soon. Pinky promise.

My kit was assembled and evaluated more than a year ago. If things go bad, I can put it all on in less than 10 minutes and it comes with my tier-two bug-out-bag which is good for about 7 days tops.

Stay vigilant!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Photos from the 24th AFAD Defense & Sporting Show

 from the Department of National Defense / Government Arsenal

 We bought this gun!

 More ammo from the DND / Government Arsenal

Available to the Philippine Army 

 Kiosks to apply for carry permits

 Speed Edge

 Haven't seen you before...

Lock & Load

Stay vigilant!