Monday, September 20, 2010

Weapons: Handguns

Melee Weapons are good, but firearms are better.

After you have learned the principles of Gun Safety and possess a sound mind & cool temper, you may consider getting yourself a pistol as your first firearm against the living dead.  They are easy to obtain legally and come in a delightful variety to suit your needs.

Armscor M206 .38 Special
the trusty sidekick

Made famous by cowboys and the Lone Ranger, they are renowned for their reliability, easy operation & maintenance. The only down side is that they carry limited ammunition and are slow to reload.

The minimum caliber you should consider is the .38 Special for its proven stopping power against human threats, undead or otherwise.  I recommend the use of JHP or Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition. This type of bullet expands upon entering, allowing it to transfer more of its energy to the target by creating a larger wound cavity.  As a rule, your ammunition should be able to penetrate 12 inches of flesh to reach a vital organ.  For the undead, the brain is the only relevant organ.  Smaller ammo will need more shots, but having a tiny pistol is better than none at all.

Shot placement, caliber, & skill will contribute to stopping power.

Higher caliber revolvers are also good, but you will not be able to conceal or bring them around easily. In pre-SHTF conditions, concealment will be very important because it will be intended to protect you against living & breathing (non zombie) bad guys. 

Semi-Automatic Pistols
 Para-Ordnance P16.40 
thank you Canada

Compared to revolvers, these carry more ammo, are much faster to reload, and have way more choices in model. 

The 9mm caliber is one of the world's most popular ammunition types for personal defense.  This is due to its accepted reputation for stopping power + higher capacity compared to larger ammo types.  Ballistic tests and real-life experience has taught many a patrolman the comparable performance of the 9mm JHP to the much larger .45 caliber.  In my opinion, the main benefit of the 9mm is that you can carry a lot more ammo in your magazines on a reasonably-sized pistol.


I use a Para-Ordnance .40 caliber pistol as my primary weapon. Its magazine can carry up to 17 rounds +1 in the chamber.  I've got 50 rounds of JHP for both pistols and another 400 for practical shooting training.  The revolver I'm using is an M206 from Armscor & serves as a backup weapon.  If I had it my way, I would get a high-capacity 9mm for Mrs. Zombie Hunter so she can defend the home when I'm away.

Remember folks, practice and teach Gun Safety to your loved ones! 


  1. i've always thought that guns are not for implsive and hot headed types like myself. Any weapon you can recommend for me?

  2. to combat zombies? a good old axe would work fine for you. just practice a controlled overhead swing and do some strength training so you can destroy them with one hit. practice safety at all times and make sure that you find one of sturdy make!

    just remember that avoiding them is best. the only time you need to fight is when you need to clear a path to safety or to rescue a loved one!

    perhaps the greatest weapon would be PREPAREDNESS. we strive to be ready to stay one step ahead of the walking dead. that is the only way we could safeguard our families.

    it is admirable that you have taken measure of your own psyche. knowing yourself can be more formidable than any firearm.

    against living adversaries... you may select a good brand of pepper spray. a good blast to the face can disable even arnold schwarzenegger.

    stay safe!

  3. How much will it cost to buy a .45 caliber gun plus the fees and the license?

  4. Go to Armscor. I think their compact .45 goes for around 24k. You'll need to cough up an extra 6500 for the license that is good for the 1st 4 years.

    Some guys recommend taking lessons at the Marikina branch. I hear they have good coaches there.

    safe & happy shooting!

    cheers yo