Monday, September 13, 2010

Survival Strategy #3: Get Into Shape

Unlike most of you boys and girls, I've been learning some really important skills.

About two years ago, I started training in Practical Shooting and have been attending outdoor survival seminars.  I've also quit being a lazy bum and shed 14 pounds after nearly  4 months of running 5 kilometers 4x a week.  Not only did Mrs. Zombie Hunter appreciate my improved looks, I've got the stamina to survive.

Learn from me.

Physical Training VS The Zombies: 

1. You gotta start somewhere.  
For the 1st month, get your partner to walk with you for at least 30 minutes to an hour every day.  After a whole month, start jogging.  Once you make it a routine, you can do this forever!  And from here, you can even go to the gym to really get some muscle.

Set a long-term goal.  Focus on something like "by this time next year, I'll have a real sexy-ass body for Boracay...". 

2. Strength is good, stamina is better
When SHTF, you will need the staying power to run distances with your bug out bag. You may need to carry one or two of your loved ones on your back while evading the living dead!

3. You gotta learn a martial art.  
Karate, Boxing, Ninjitsu...   Any of these will give you the discipline and fighting spirit to survive!  You gotta cultivate the warrior's mindset.  Learn to overcome your fear so you can focus on defending your loved ones.

Zombies will mindlessly eat your brains. Don't hesitate to ventilate theirs!

The S will HTF soon, get started today.

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