Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Survival Strategy #2: Make a Bug Out Bag

Here's a list of stuff from that you can buy at the nearest mall.  Ace Hardware, True Value and even the supermarket has a lot of handy stuff.  Before you buy them, take some time to think about how these items will serve you when SHTF.  Learn from our recent disasters!

The shopping list:

  • Enough food and water to last for at least seventy two hours per person  Including: Water for washing, drinking and cooking. 2 litres per person per day for drinking should be OK
  • dry and Non-perishable food - Skyflakes, canned and freeze-dried food, beans, etc.
  • water purification supplies and containers
  • cookware
  • Cutlery and cups/dishes
  • A first aid kit - mostly for cuts wound cleaning, antibiotics, cleansing, etc.
  • Fire starting tools (strike-anywhere & waterproof matches, lighter & fluid, etc.)
  • Maps and travel info
  • Standard camping equipment, including sanitation supplies
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Bedding items such as sleeping bags & blankets
  • Enough medicine to last an extended evacuation period
  • hand-powered flashlights and radio
  • Firearms and appropriate ammunition
  • swiss knife
  • Cash and change - you may not be able to use the ATM in case TSHTF
  • Duct Tape
  • A good pair of running shoes

Find a nice bag for all these. Is your old Jansport good enough?  Or do you need that fancy The North Face backpack?

And find out how heavy all of this will be. It won't mean jack if SHTF and you can't even carry this stuff!

Only one way to find out.


I'll be sharing a few product reviews on stuff that you can find in your typical mall.

Stay tuned survivors.

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