Tuesday, July 26, 2011

False Alarm: "Dead Man" Wakes Up in Morgue

South Africa. 

Dead man gets up in the morgue. 


Nah. Only some poor guy who must have had a really bad week.

It could happen to anybody, and we've all been there: crummy work conditions, management setting longer hours, and Murphy's Law on ya for 5 days long. 

So on a Friday night he may have partied really hard and got his well-deserved sleep. Only to wake up 24 hours later in an ice cold morgue! 

Dear family, ya'll should have checked my pulse before writing me off. I'll be taking back my stuff since I'm not dead yet, thank you very much. 

I feel for the dude and hope he's doing OK. Find out more at  BBC News.

Stay vigilant!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2... Nice.

I know ya'll have seen it already on YouTube.  Maybe some of you have gone to the Comic Con to catch the trailer over there.  Well, here it is again because I totally love it.

Learned interesting things about the zeds from this series:

  • They can't smell you.  You can hide and they probably won't catch ya. 
  • After getting bit, it takes about less than 24 hours for the infected to turn into one of them.
  • They have residual memories, not really helpful in most cases.
  • They move in hordes, don't run, but can lurch faster if they detect fresh meat.
  • They seem to decompose a little bit.  Flesh comes off in some places.
  • You'll never have enough bullets to solve this problem.  Teamwork is the only sure thing.
  • If you bathe yourself in zombie guts, you can be invisible to them. Unless it rains!

The last one bugs me. If you have any kind of wound on your body, you're screwed. Jump suits were a good idea, but the thought of potentially getting infected blood in your eyes makes me squirm. I definitely won't try this on my family.


Can't wait for October.

Stay vigilant!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gun Porn from The 19th Defense & Sporting Arms Show

This ain't a gun blog, but I'd like to share photos of some cool stuff that I saw at the gun show last Friday. This semi-annual event was mostly a chance to gawk at all sorts of guns in the market. Competitive race guns, production standbys, cowboy action, concealed carry, military equipment, and custom exotica. They had them all.

It was really cool to see Mary Grace Tan from True Weight Inc. taking care of the customers at their booth.  I get starstruck when I'm around world-class shooters like her! YouTube her right now.

At the end of the day, I got myself a nice bag of goodies from various shops. This is the only time when I can get large quantities of Hornady Critical Defense and Federal Premium Hydra Shok because they're sold here at a special rate.

Dude, hollow-points work wonders on zombie brains. 

Check these out:

The Good

These are photos of the new Caracal pistol. Developed by Caracal International from the United Arab Emirates, its based on the Glock design plus a few improvements.

I got to test fire them at the Bolo Tuason Cup the next day. I'm not a Glock user so I can't make any comparisons, but I can say that I liked the quality of the materials and construction, the trigger pull and recoil were pleasant.  

Perhaps our own police force may buy a few of these. 
This model features the new "quick-sight" system that is supposed to be an improvement over traditional "notch & post" iron sights.

We also got Armscor ammo on the left side.  Quality ammo, 'nuff said.


In one prominent space of the gun show was a small cordoned area where people line up to check out some fancy customized stuff. There was the usual open division pistols used by champions but these pretty things got my attention.  I mean, who can ignore an M16 and M4 made with GOLD?  Gun bling! There was this big necklace with gangsta gold & diamonds to complete the picture. 

Practical Points: C-
Sexy Points: A+

Here's what I really liked.  Two lovely .357 magnum replicas of the Colt Single Action Army.  I would consider these the coolest zombie pistols WTSHTF. I mean, look at them! Beautiful and deadly. Something mother nature can respect. 

I just need to have a pair of these and I'd hand load my own ammo.  My uncle has enough lead & powder to last us a zombie war or two so I'd keep them on my wish list!

The UGLY (controversy!)

Its old news that Norinco has been cloning really cool American and European guns for quite a while. This is one of the more recent head-turners.  The MP4 from Heckler & Koch has been a favorite of US and German special forces, and a Hollywood prop staple. And now China has made a near-exact copy that costs a bit less.  

I'm not here to debate politics, but it was interesting to see something at the show that has been the center of a lot of debate.  

One US Dollar is about 43 Philippine Pesos.  Cheap? Do the math.

Controversial, but an effective zombie killer. 

UPDATE: New photos could be found here.

Shoot safe and stay vigilant!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LEGO Zombies!

I wanna say a big THANK YOU to Random Girl from itsonrandom for the wonderful article about LEGO ZOMBIES.  

Won't it be great to get armies of plastic zombies to build dioramas of survival-horror scenarios & battle scenes? It would also come in handy for planning scavenger raids on shopping malls & similar resources the way Ocean's 11 would formulate a heist on some building. I'd start with making a miniature version of my house to refine my home defense plan in 3D.

The possibilities are endless.

Its been ages since I've felt the urge to go to the mall and buy a box of them. Great to feel 10 years old again. Anybody feel the same?

Why they didn't think of this sooner? Considering all the creepy things they've made in the past. This one's a no-brainer!

Stay vigilant!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Zombie Headshot Training: Rainy Weekend Practice (pistols)

The weekend at last! Off to the shooting range.

I did poorly at a tournament my dad & I joined last week at the Quezon City Police Department Firing Range.  I was doing fine on the first 3 stages, but I stank the one that had a lot of IPSC poppers (small steel plates).

Normally I don't have any trouble with these. But on that particular stage, it took me about two or more shots to drop each plate.  Aaaarrgh!

Overconfidence is a zombie-hunter-killer. 

It matters a lot to me because poppers represent the all-important head shot. How else will we slay our undead foes?

I've been preparing for the big 11th Bolo Tuason Cup this July 15, so my drills need to remedy my weakness.  I also want to improve to show my dad that I'm really trying to catch up with him. He made it to the #3 ranking at the national level around 2005-2006 for the standard division. He'd make a fabulous zombie hunter & could easily protect my mom WTSHTF. 

Happy weekend report:

We went to an indoor range yesterday.  The monsoon season is in full swing, so it was raining hard.  This forced us to make a rare trip to an indoor range. I focused training on slightly than smaller popper targets compared to the IPSC standard.  
We had a lot of fun and found that either of us would tend to miss a couple of "routine" shots during live-fire practice. This can sometimes result from overconfidence & bad habits mistakenly reinforced during dry fire.

The targets we worked on were placed between 10 and 15 meters. Smaller targets are good because it will help us train to destroy zombie brains.  Shots to the lower half of the head will not be combat effective unless the bullet is large enough to blast the thing apart.  

Brain destruction is the only valid shot.  Alpha or nothing!

And here's some progress at the end of the day. Remember folks, if it ain't a head shot, you're wasting ammo.

Stay vigilant!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Armed to the Teeth: Dental Plan VS the Zombie Apocalypse

Root Canal 

Impacted Wisdom Tooth


Made you wince thrice, didn't I?  

Now think about going without dental treatment for a few decades in a zombie-infested world. Its hard enough to survive with dwindling resources, imagine what it would be like when your face is filled with rotten teeth. 

Think of the children! How will they manage if they have to endure a siege while battling tooth decay? Its your job to get everybody in top shape. It will be your fault as head of the family if you don't plan for this.

Dental Risk-Management for Survivalists
  • "I wish I had my teeth done before the world fell apart..."
  • "I wish I had my teeth done before the last dentist on Earth was devoured by the living dead..."
    • Severe health risks can result from long-term neglect of oral hygiene.
    • Do you know how dysfunctional your team will be if everybody has some kind of ache? 
    • When society breaks down during a major outbreak, consider adding dental care products to your list of things to scavenge for.  Mark these resources in your emergency map.  
    • Think about bringing a dentist to your safe house as part of your emergency plans. 
    • Dental negligence will deplete your family's strength and precious medicine, especially antibiotics & painkillers. 
    • Its really hard to do anything right if your face is throbbing from puss-filled cavities.  
    You gotta cover all bases! 

    The Solution
    Prepare your family dental plan as soon as possible. Allocate a portion of your budget to accomplish this. In my case, Mrs. Zombie Hunter has very wisely taken off 25% from my annual allowance for ammunition to cover for our family's oral hygiene.

    As a concerned parent, I would like to remind all survivalists to remember that a healthy family can overcome any crisis. 

    Every tooth counts!  A healthy smile makes a happy survivalist.

    Stay vigilant!

    photo credit from www.studiodentaire.com

    Sunday, July 3, 2011

    Must Attend: The 19th Defense & Sporting Arms Show

    July 14-18, 2011
    SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 1&2
    Building 2

    Yeah, that's all I need to know. I really can't wait 'coz its the biggest gun show in the country, and it happens twice a year. All the big shops will be giving awesome deals on the latest firearms of nearly every type! It won't be unusual to find members of Law Enforcement and the Military doing their shopping.  Good for them, more gear for the good guys.

    I sure hope I could hang out with my shooting heroes Cathy Levanza Cipriano, Valerie Levanza Rosales and Jhetro Dionisio.  You know, some of the best shooters in the world! Who totally PWNED the STEEL CHALLENGE and other USPSA events?  Yeah, they did it.

    Awareness for personal protection has been on the rise in recent years, and it looks like we'll be seeing an emphasis on this at the show. I'll bet a lot of concealed carry weapons will be featured. 

    Be it a zombie apocalypse or defending your family against criminals, perhaps you should mark your calendar to make the trip to the 19th Defense and Sporting Arms Show.  

    Stay vigilant!