Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2... Nice.

I know ya'll have seen it already on YouTube.  Maybe some of you have gone to the Comic Con to catch the trailer over there.  Well, here it is again because I totally love it.

Learned interesting things about the zeds from this series:

  • They can't smell you.  You can hide and they probably won't catch ya. 
  • After getting bit, it takes about less than 24 hours for the infected to turn into one of them.
  • They have residual memories, not really helpful in most cases.
  • They move in hordes, don't run, but can lurch faster if they detect fresh meat.
  • They seem to decompose a little bit.  Flesh comes off in some places.
  • You'll never have enough bullets to solve this problem.  Teamwork is the only sure thing.
  • If you bathe yourself in zombie guts, you can be invisible to them. Unless it rains!

The last one bugs me. If you have any kind of wound on your body, you're screwed. Jump suits were a good idea, but the thought of potentially getting infected blood in your eyes makes me squirm. I definitely won't try this on my family.


Can't wait for October.

Stay vigilant!

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  1. I can dig it, I won't try it on my family neither.

    I'm looking forward to this season! :)