Sunday, July 3, 2011

Must Attend: The 19th Defense & Sporting Arms Show

July 14-18, 2011
SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 1&2
Building 2

Yeah, that's all I need to know. I really can't wait 'coz its the biggest gun show in the country, and it happens twice a year. All the big shops will be giving awesome deals on the latest firearms of nearly every type! It won't be unusual to find members of Law Enforcement and the Military doing their shopping.  Good for them, more gear for the good guys.

I sure hope I could hang out with my shooting heroes Cathy Levanza Cipriano, Valerie Levanza Rosales and Jhetro Dionisio.  You know, some of the best shooters in the world! Who totally PWNED the STEEL CHALLENGE and other USPSA events?  Yeah, they did it.

Awareness for personal protection has been on the rise in recent years, and it looks like we'll be seeing an emphasis on this at the show. I'll bet a lot of concealed carry weapons will be featured. 

Be it a zombie apocalypse or defending your family against criminals, perhaps you should mark your calendar to make the trip to the 19th Defense and Sporting Arms Show.  

Stay vigilant!


  1. Wow- I've wrote a few stories about zombies and the aftermath of an apocalypse( 1 example -

    Its always freighted the hell outta me. The only really scary movies are zombie movies. (Although the rabies movies in the eighties were also pretty scary too). But I never actually thought of preparing for it? I'd be utterly useless in fact. My husbands a pilot though - that might be useful? God thats pathetic lol. If I'm honest I'd probably shoot myself (shit I have no gun!!) - or OD or throw myself off a tall building, rather than survive it and live in fear 24/7. I guess that wouldn't take much of a survival kit. Though with my luck I'd live through whatever suicide attempt I made and lie helpless until they came to eat me.

    I will now have nightmares you realise!! Oh - new follower ;0 Shah .X

  2. Hello Shah, I will do my best to help substitute your worries with hope and preparedness against the coming zombie apocalypse! For I am primarily doing this to be the best survivalist for my family's sake.

    Your man is a pilot! Yes, he has many skills such as patience and stamina. Two essential qualities for survival. I am sure he will be your personal superhero.

    Nightmares... Uh, um, aaah. They are reflections of your subconscious struggling to warn you of the perils of un-preparedness.


    Well, I'd like to be helpful. And thank you again!