Monday, July 11, 2011

Zombie Headshot Training: Rainy Weekend Practice (pistols)

The weekend at last! Off to the shooting range.

I did poorly at a tournament my dad & I joined last week at the Quezon City Police Department Firing Range.  I was doing fine on the first 3 stages, but I stank the one that had a lot of IPSC poppers (small steel plates).

Normally I don't have any trouble with these. But on that particular stage, it took me about two or more shots to drop each plate.  Aaaarrgh!

Overconfidence is a zombie-hunter-killer. 

It matters a lot to me because poppers represent the all-important head shot. How else will we slay our undead foes?

I've been preparing for the big 11th Bolo Tuason Cup this July 15, so my drills need to remedy my weakness.  I also want to improve to show my dad that I'm really trying to catch up with him. He made it to the #3 ranking at the national level around 2005-2006 for the standard division. He'd make a fabulous zombie hunter & could easily protect my mom WTSHTF. 

Happy weekend report:

We went to an indoor range yesterday.  The monsoon season is in full swing, so it was raining hard.  This forced us to make a rare trip to an indoor range. I focused training on slightly than smaller popper targets compared to the IPSC standard.  
We had a lot of fun and found that either of us would tend to miss a couple of "routine" shots during live-fire practice. This can sometimes result from overconfidence & bad habits mistakenly reinforced during dry fire.

The targets we worked on were placed between 10 and 15 meters. Smaller targets are good because it will help us train to destroy zombie brains.  Shots to the lower half of the head will not be combat effective unless the bullet is large enough to blast the thing apart.  

Brain destruction is the only valid shot.  Alpha or nothing!

And here's some progress at the end of the day. Remember folks, if it ain't a head shot, you're wasting ammo.

Stay vigilant!


  1. We would love it if you and your father joined our Not Bummer Summer Zombie Camp. We need good people like you on our team! Plus, so far, we only have high-powered pellet guns, which take forever to bring down a walker.

  2. pellet guns are still great for training and hunting stuff to eat like small furry things. as long as we eat what we shoot, we should be OK.

    and besides, a good ole bayonet on any pellet gun oughtta do any dead walker.

    and my dad's a cool guy, he would totally love camp and cooking grilled stuff and maybe bring his big pick-up filled with camp gear and maybe his guitar for some nighttime tunes. he just knows only three Beatles songs, so maybe you'll need to bring a boom box when we've heard enough...

    got any photos of your camp? darn it, sounds like ya'll had a blast!

  3. Hello! I was surfing the net and stumbled upon your website. It's really cool (coming from a gun and zombie fan myself...just bought an original Dawn of the Dead DVD...and finished reading FEED).

    I also serve as an instructor for fireams courses and if Zombie caused end of the world preparedness is an may want to look up our school. ... G1 Tactical Solutions...also look up our youtube vids.

  4. hello John,

    I've seen the videos and you guys do awesome stuff! Also thumbs up and congratulations to the great work you guys are doing with G1 Tactical Solutions.

    I find your courses quite interesting. Since I regularly compete in IPSC matches on a monthly basis, there are course offerings that will help me be more effective in and out of the competitive scene. (Especially for our special kind of preparedness.)

    My best wishes go to all your endeavors!



  5. Thanks!

    If you are interested in our courses (if it will help you with your shooting competitively or would like to experience another aspect of shooting and tactics) just let me know. I wish you luck at your shooting matches (may you hit those poppers with one shot).

    Btw, if you see a zombie move entitiled "World of Zombies ...Zombie diaries 2" at you local DVD kiosk....DONT buy it...hahahaha

  6. World of Zombies sucked? Aw no! The 1st was kinda OK (coz I get to see a zombie flick done in the UK for a change). That must have been a pain to watch. hahaha Thank you for the tip!

    I'll spread the word to my circle of friends for your course offerings and looking forward to the real-world skills that can be shared. Amazing stuff!