Tuesday, July 26, 2011

False Alarm: "Dead Man" Wakes Up in Morgue

South Africa. 

Dead man gets up in the morgue. 


Nah. Only some poor guy who must have had a really bad week.

It could happen to anybody, and we've all been there: crummy work conditions, management setting longer hours, and Murphy's Law on ya for 5 days long. 

So on a Friday night he may have partied really hard and got his well-deserved sleep. Only to wake up 24 hours later in an ice cold morgue! 

Dear family, ya'll should have checked my pulse before writing me off. I'll be taking back my stuff since I'm not dead yet, thank you very much. 

I feel for the dude and hope he's doing OK. Find out more at  BBC News.

Stay vigilant!


  1. WHOA! A real live zombie! :)

    Aww, poor guy. That would be so creepy. :[

  2. At least he's alright, and it ain't the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

    Happy ending for all?

  3. I'm glad he's alright but no zombie apocalypse?? I guess so... :[

  4. Damn it, i was hoping we could start some real life zombie hunting. I grabbed my shotgun and was ready to go before scrolling to find out that it was just some unlucky bastard.


  5. Hehe that would be quite the experience!

  6. Oh, I almost forgot. You are to be featured on It's on Random tomorrow for get to know your bloggers!!!!! Congrats!

  7. @deadmanproductions

    dude! you've got some cool stuff! That special lady's also very pretty. darn it, she's undead! major bummer.

    cheers dude!

    @Random Girl

    Thank you very much! I'm honored and am always happy to lend a hand.