Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Armed to the Teeth: Dental Plan VS the Zombie Apocalypse

Root Canal 

Impacted Wisdom Tooth


Made you wince thrice, didn't I?  

Now think about going without dental treatment for a few decades in a zombie-infested world. Its hard enough to survive with dwindling resources, imagine what it would be like when your face is filled with rotten teeth. 

Think of the children! How will they manage if they have to endure a siege while battling tooth decay? Its your job to get everybody in top shape. It will be your fault as head of the family if you don't plan for this.

Dental Risk-Management for Survivalists
  • "I wish I had my teeth done before the world fell apart..."
  • "I wish I had my teeth done before the last dentist on Earth was devoured by the living dead..."
    • Severe health risks can result from long-term neglect of oral hygiene.
    • Do you know how dysfunctional your team will be if everybody has some kind of ache? 
    • When society breaks down during a major outbreak, consider adding dental care products to your list of things to scavenge for.  Mark these resources in your emergency map.  
    • Think about bringing a dentist to your safe house as part of your emergency plans. 
    • Dental negligence will deplete your family's strength and precious medicine, especially antibiotics & painkillers. 
    • Its really hard to do anything right if your face is throbbing from puss-filled cavities.  
    You gotta cover all bases! 

    The Solution
    Prepare your family dental plan as soon as possible. Allocate a portion of your budget to accomplish this. In my case, Mrs. Zombie Hunter has very wisely taken off 25% from my annual allowance for ammunition to cover for our family's oral hygiene.

    As a concerned parent, I would like to remind all survivalists to remember that a healthy family can overcome any crisis. 

    Every tooth counts!  A healthy smile makes a happy survivalist.

    Stay vigilant!

    photo credit from www.studiodentaire.com


    1. LOL @ "I wish I had my teeth done before the world fell apart..."

      This inspires me to go to my dentist right now to check out my teeth...just in case. Lol

    2. Greetings Zena, The Real Queen of Horror!

      I just had my Root Canal Therapy a few days ago because my face was really hurting like crazy! I would not want to put my loved ones through the same for any duration.


    3. Never thought oral hygiene and the zombie apocalypse were connected but now I know they are! Makes sense :)

    4. I'm sorry you went through that! :( I had a root canal once TWICE on the same tooth & it was awful..

    5. Ok I should go to the dentist now...I can just imagine the pain caused by a toothache by firing a shotgun.

    6. Dental implants are ideal solution for people who have missing tooth or teeth and the procedure involves replacement of both the tooth and the root.

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      1. thats right sir. keep fighting the good fight one zombie tooth at a time :-)