Monday, September 27, 2010

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a TV series based on the comic of the same name by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.  Its gonna premiere at October 31, 2010. That's Halloween baby!

I'm gonna let Mrs. Zombie Hunter know that the director of The Shawshank Redemption is doing this.  That oughtta get her to give it some thought.  

I mean, wasn't Shawshank one of the best movies ever created?  That oughtta help her get through the blood, gore, and other things creep her out.  Completely understandable.  

And it could prove to be educational in case TSHTF.

Here's the link to the official trailer...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Survival Strategy # 4: make your own emergency map

Your family needs to be prepared for any disaster.  It could be Super Bird Flu, SARS, Hurricane Katrina the 2nd, a Zombie Outbreak or any similar catastrophe.  Taking time to create an emergency map will be  essential to survival.

Mosey on to Google Maps and take a print screen of your surrounding area.

know your turf

Our objective is to gain an intimate knowledge of your area in case of an emergency.   Use this map to know what to avoid, identify safe zones, and areas to gather resources.

Here's an explanation of my map legend:
  • High Risk Resource - Commercial establishments like malls or shops that have supplies (food, tools, medicine, etc.) your family will need to outlast an extended calamity.  Factors such as proximity to Danger Zones, and choke points makes it risky to go here.  Especially if it looks easy for a horde of zombies to overrun.  Go here only as a last resort.  Do not stay in this area no matter how tempting potential loot may be.  Malls are zombie magnets!
  • Places to Avoid - Extremely dangerous areas.  These may be choke points where people may congregate and thus attract a large zombie hordes.  Large groups of panicking people may gather here to clog intersections with vehicle and foot traffic to create a deathtrap.  Think of other risky areas and mark them on your map.
  • Danger Zone  - This is a very large area that is hazardous due to a combination of reasons such as high population density, lack of natural and man-made barriers such as rivers & hills, subdivision walls, guard houses, etc.  Basically areas where infection and zombie infestation would be hard to avoid and contain. If you need to travel somewhere, plot a route that avoids these areas & bring the appropriate equipment.  
Identifying Danger Zones will also be important in case you need to mount a rescue attempt.

  • *Relative Safety and Resistance Areas - Places with lower population density, defensible structures, natural & man-made barriers, ease of travel, and other favorable conditions that would make it less vulnerable to a mass panic or zombie attack. 
  • Ideal Resource  - This is located in a much safer area compared to High Risk Resources.  Smaller commercial arcades that are easy to defend against a horde of zombies, have good barriers and a feasible escape route.  They are not found near major thoroughfares or population centers.  A lot of high rise office buildings have canteens and pantries, their fire escape routes are also retractable from the ground.  Neighborhood groceries & convenience stores, small-town pharmacies, sari-sari stores, utility buildings from Meralco, Manila Water, and others are pretty good candidates.
  • Possible Safe House or Shelter - In case your present safe house is overrun, train your family to find the safest route to the next safe house.  Avoid areas that would be crowded with disorganized survivors.  Organized groups are good, but always be on your guard! These places should be easy to defend and barricade.  Don't forget your emergency exit.  Safe houses should also be located w/in a reasonable distance to an ideal resource point. 
Nothing is static: Keep in mind that these zones could shift from safe to dangerous after an outbreak.  Try to anticipate how these changes could take place at various stages of an emergency. 

After putting the map together, share ideas with your family.  Talk about recent calamities about how streets became crowded & trapped, what places were looted, etc.  When you're done, print out multiple copies, laminate and distribute to members of your household. Keep 1 or 2 in your bug out bag, but don't share them w/ people you do not trust!

There you have it.  After completing this activity, you'll be glad to know that your loved ones will know what to do.  With that worry out of your head, you can now focus on other important survival activities.

Stay vigilant!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

stepping up

Today is DAY ONE for my return to my physical training at a nearby gym.  This supplements my practical shooting, and will help keep up w/ my coach the Major. I gotta get back to my old form.

Past Awesomeness
Nearly a lifetime ago, I was in our high-school's Tae Kwon Do and swimming varsity teams.  For a whole decade, I was in really awesome shape. Looking good in a bikini Speedo was a daily thing.  

The excesses of college life had nearly erased my exceptional physical condition.  Back in the 1990's, everybody seemed to be partying harder and getting more smashed than folks do nowadays.

Chalk it to Y2K nihilism.  

Another big problem was my brush w/ Gangrene on one of my feet from a botched operation.   Long story.  Funny how the color of my diseased foot reminded me of the living dead.  It left me unable to run or do strenuous exercise for another 4 years.  If the SHTF then, I'd be screwed. 

Getting Back
I've been on and off from the gym and could not get it to stick.  Finally in late 2009, Mrs. Zombie Hunter and I started running & worked our way up to 30 KM/week.  It took a long while to reach 5Km in 30 minutes.  The first months were miserable!  It was like shaking off a decade's worth of laziness, booze, sleeping late w/ bags of Growers Savory Hot Peanuts.  

I've nearly quit booze & have lost a total of 15 pounds after 5 months.  Going back to serious training is a logical progression.  My new PT will improve my stamina & shed another dozen pounds to get into top form.  And thus I have committed myself to doing this & my running for as long as I could stand on my two feet.

You Can Do It Too
Anybody can turn things around with enough motivation and commitment. You'll be rewarded with a way better looking body, improved mood & higher energy levels.  Just give yourself a realistic target and think of it as an investment for yourself. 

And if that ain't enough motivation for you, perhaps the impending Zombie Apocalypse ought to get your lardy ass moving!

With washboard abs, zombies are doomed.  Wife is happier.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weapons: Handguns

Melee Weapons are good, but firearms are better.

After you have learned the principles of Gun Safety and possess a sound mind & cool temper, you may consider getting yourself a pistol as your first firearm against the living dead.  They are easy to obtain legally and come in a delightful variety to suit your needs.

Armscor M206 .38 Special
the trusty sidekick

Made famous by cowboys and the Lone Ranger, they are renowned for their reliability, easy operation & maintenance. The only down side is that they carry limited ammunition and are slow to reload.

The minimum caliber you should consider is the .38 Special for its proven stopping power against human threats, undead or otherwise.  I recommend the use of JHP or Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition. This type of bullet expands upon entering, allowing it to transfer more of its energy to the target by creating a larger wound cavity.  As a rule, your ammunition should be able to penetrate 12 inches of flesh to reach a vital organ.  For the undead, the brain is the only relevant organ.  Smaller ammo will need more shots, but having a tiny pistol is better than none at all.

Shot placement, caliber, & skill will contribute to stopping power.

Higher caliber revolvers are also good, but you will not be able to conceal or bring them around easily. In pre-SHTF conditions, concealment will be very important because it will be intended to protect you against living & breathing (non zombie) bad guys. 

Semi-Automatic Pistols
 Para-Ordnance P16.40 
thank you Canada

Compared to revolvers, these carry more ammo, are much faster to reload, and have way more choices in model. 

The 9mm caliber is one of the world's most popular ammunition types for personal defense.  This is due to its accepted reputation for stopping power + higher capacity compared to larger ammo types.  Ballistic tests and real-life experience has taught many a patrolman the comparable performance of the 9mm JHP to the much larger .45 caliber.  In my opinion, the main benefit of the 9mm is that you can carry a lot more ammo in your magazines on a reasonably-sized pistol.


I use a Para-Ordnance .40 caliber pistol as my primary weapon. Its magazine can carry up to 17 rounds +1 in the chamber.  I've got 50 rounds of JHP for both pistols and another 400 for practical shooting training.  The revolver I'm using is an M206 from Armscor & serves as a backup weapon.  If I had it my way, I would get a high-capacity 9mm for Mrs. Zombie Hunter so she can defend the home when I'm away.

Remember folks, practice and teach Gun Safety to your loved ones! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boy Scouts - these guys have real skills

Like most of us, my parents got me into the Boy Scouts when I was grade 3.  It was mostly fun & games, but I did learn a lot of survival tips from them.  By the time I was grade 6, I was quite the outdoorsman.

As early as 1987 I was already getting prepared in case TSHTF.

I learned these really important skills and could do most of them competently:
  • First Aid (learn this first)
  • various funny looking knots
  • building a makeshift tent
  • finding north w/o a compass
  • compass & map reading
  • International Morse Code (I suck at this, but I've got the cheat sheet)
  • how to properly handle a knife
  • teamwork & being a good kid
  • water collection 
  • building a fire
  • foraging for food
  • fishing (and my granddad taught me how to hunt w/ guns)

If you've forgotten these, quickly get in touch w/ the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and Scout Center Dot Net. I salute these boys & girls. More folks should learn to be like them. 

It would be best to inquire on how to join the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.  The stuff you can learn can help you survive and thrive when the world is thrown into madness when the zombie hordes arrive.  Just don't mention anything about "SHTF preparedness" or else they'll probably call the cops. 

Do it for your family.  Learn a skill today!

Ain't it cute that those little Grade 3 Cub Scouts already know how to handle themselves?  It would be ironic but comforting to see kids teaching their couch potato adults how to set up a proper campsite & hunt for food. 

“Take Nothing but Pictures;
Leave Nothing but Footprints;
Kill Nothing but Zombies.”

Monday, September 13, 2010

Survival Strategy #3: Get Into Shape

Unlike most of you boys and girls, I've been learning some really important skills.

About two years ago, I started training in Practical Shooting and have been attending outdoor survival seminars.  I've also quit being a lazy bum and shed 14 pounds after nearly  4 months of running 5 kilometers 4x a week.  Not only did Mrs. Zombie Hunter appreciate my improved looks, I've got the stamina to survive.

Learn from me.

Physical Training VS The Zombies: 

1. You gotta start somewhere.  
For the 1st month, get your partner to walk with you for at least 30 minutes to an hour every day.  After a whole month, start jogging.  Once you make it a routine, you can do this forever!  And from here, you can even go to the gym to really get some muscle.

Set a long-term goal.  Focus on something like "by this time next year, I'll have a real sexy-ass body for Boracay...". 

2. Strength is good, stamina is better
When SHTF, you will need the staying power to run distances with your bug out bag. You may need to carry one or two of your loved ones on your back while evading the living dead!

3. You gotta learn a martial art.  
Karate, Boxing, Ninjitsu...   Any of these will give you the discipline and fighting spirit to survive!  You gotta cultivate the warrior's mindset.  Learn to overcome your fear so you can focus on defending your loved ones.

Zombies will mindlessly eat your brains. Don't hesitate to ventilate theirs!

The S will HTF soon, get started today.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Rules of Gun Safety

Folks, this is too darn important.

Like any tool, firearms should be used properly and only by competent users.

Train your family to live by these rules!

The 4 Rules of Gun Safety

Rule # 1
Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.
  • Always assume that a gun has a bullet in the chamber and is ready to shoot!
  • Learn from a competent instructor how to properly operate a gun so you can be certain of its status.

Rule # 2
Never point the gun at anything you do not want to destroy or kill.
  • Inexperienced users will point the gun without thinking of the gun in their hands. Therefore, if you are holding a gun, point it towards a designated "safe area" at all times.
  • Never play with guns.

Rule # 3
Keep your finger straight and off the trigger.

  • Never insert your finger on the trigger unless you are already aiming at your target and are about to shoot.
  • A common cause of accidents is when people keep their fingers on the trigger while running, falling, getting startled, or forgetting about their trigger fingers!

Rule # 4
Be absolutely sure of your target, and what is around it.  

  • Always be 100% certain of your intended target before you even point your gun at it.  Be aware of what is behind the target or what you can accidentally hit.
  • Your bullets may also penetrate walls and hit people on the other side. 
  • You are responsible for all of your shots even in a life-threatening situation!


Gun Safety For Children

Don't touch 
Leave the area 
Tell an adult

    • Children need to recognize what a gun looks like so they can take the appropriate action by leaving the area w/o touching it, and then to notify an adult right away.

    Never compromise with any of these rules!

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    Shopping for Weapons

    Melee weapons can help you kill zombies.  They don't need ammo. The downside is you gotta be w/in arm's reach to kill 'em. Close enough to smell brain breath.  This sucks, but its better than nothing!

    I was at the mall today w/ Mrs. Zombie Hunter.  She was shopping for a fancy dress while I said I was going to the hardware store. 

    She lets me go, probably thinking I was up to "my silly zombie fighting thing".  I dutifully march off thinking that my loved ones will appreciate my efforts if ever the SHTF.


    Remember yesterday's bug out bag list? I evaluated two hardware stores that may cater to our special survival needs.

    click the photos to zoom in
    It was nice to see that True Value had camping equipment, 1st aid kits, solar powered lights, & a wider choice of potential melee weapons.  Ace didn't have any of those survival gear!

    Winner = True Value


    At the tool section I found a bunch of hammers, even a big-ass sledgehammer! They're not so good at killing zombies because they lack a sharp point.
    I'm not Thor.

    I did find a crowbar.  Its a handy tool but is inefficient as a weapon.  I continue shopping for something better...

    Gordon Freeman would want this, but I'll pass.

    I hit the jackpot at the Gardening Section.

    gardener VS zombies?

    I found these axes at the bottom shelf close to the floor.  Perhaps so that Gimli could pick them up easily.
    R to L: Lotus, Greenfield, American Camp Ace, Lotus and Lotus w/ belt sheath. (mobile phone for size reference)

    Lotus: Php 395
    - wooden handle, heavy axe head. plain looks, but feels solid

    Greenfield: Php 339
    - metal haft w/ a nice curved plastic grip to absorb the shock of impact, shiny.

    American Camp Ace: Php 1,549
    - ridiculously expensive because its imported from the USA, certified by the American Society of mechanical engineering standards.  so I guess its the toughest axe in the bunch.

    Lotus w/ belt sheath: Php 495
    - has a flimsy belt sheath, smallest of the bunch.  Its haft/handle is only as thick as my index finger so it don't look like this could take sustained punishment.

    My choice: Greenfield.  Its grip and haft are sturdy and seems like it could split zombie skulls all day long.  Its the cheapest too!  I'll just make my own sheath.

    I also found a garden machete from Buffalo.

    Its not the same as the traditional Machete or Bolo w/c is shorter and has a thicker blade that could do stuff like cut sugarcane, bamboo, or the arm off your daughter's suitors.

    This costs Php 369 but is not suited for combat.  I doubt it could even cut off a zombie's head.  Coz I wanna kill a Zed with one strike, the Axe comes out the best melee weapon to be found in a hardware store.


    And so today we've learned that you can buy a decent axe in the mall to serve as your first weapon against the living dead.

    Stay vigilant!

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Survival Strategy #2: Make a Bug Out Bag

    Here's a list of stuff from that you can buy at the nearest mall.  Ace Hardware, True Value and even the supermarket has a lot of handy stuff.  Before you buy them, take some time to think about how these items will serve you when SHTF.  Learn from our recent disasters!

    The shopping list:

    • Enough food and water to last for at least seventy two hours per person  Including: Water for washing, drinking and cooking. 2 litres per person per day for drinking should be OK
    • dry and Non-perishable food - Skyflakes, canned and freeze-dried food, beans, etc.
    • water purification supplies and containers
    • cookware
    • Cutlery and cups/dishes
    • A first aid kit - mostly for cuts wound cleaning, antibiotics, cleansing, etc.
    • Fire starting tools (strike-anywhere & waterproof matches, lighter & fluid, etc.)
    • Maps and travel info
    • Standard camping equipment, including sanitation supplies
    • Weather appropriate clothing
    • Bedding items such as sleeping bags & blankets
    • Enough medicine to last an extended evacuation period
    • hand-powered flashlights and radio
    • Firearms and appropriate ammunition
    • swiss knife
    • Cash and change - you may not be able to use the ATM in case TSHTF
    • Duct Tape
    • A good pair of running shoes

    Find a nice bag for all these. Is your old Jansport good enough?  Or do you need that fancy The North Face backpack?

    And find out how heavy all of this will be. It won't mean jack if SHTF and you can't even carry this stuff!

    Only one way to find out.


    I'll be sharing a few product reviews on stuff that you can find in your typical mall.

    Stay tuned survivors.

    Survival Strategy #1: Get Started Today

    Congratulations! You have decided to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. You have chosen not to become one of the millions of walking dead. You have begun your transformation. All of this begins with the first steps towards preparedness.

    Now that you are aware of the coming crisis, you need to get into the survivalist's state of mind. Whenever you can, write important ideas on paper or in the notepad of your cellphones or something.  Just get started. Save your ideas and draw up your plans today.

    Be discreet. Baby steps are important, consistency is essential. If your special lady starts asking what you're up to, just say that you're only buying survival gear. Innocent stuff.

    "just getting prepared baby. you know, for climate change..."

    Buy her a nice shoulder bag to keep your home life nice & peachy. Preferrably a waterproof shoulder bag that could carry ammo, provisions, or other useful things WSHTF.

    Make a list of special training courses that you will need to be a competent survivalist.  You'll be needing all the skills you can cram into your still-living brain to defeat the hordes of undead.

    It is your duty as the head of the family to be more than John Rambo, Bear Grylls, Jason Bourne, and Sir David Attenborough all rolled into one. The sooner the better.

    This is Day One. Your family is depending on you.

    Its coming. What do we do?

    The Zombie Apocalypse is coming.  We're all doomed.  Your brains will all be devoured by the living dead and you'll spend eternity doing the same.  Goodbye tapsilog, goodbye bibingka, goodbye peach mango pie.  Brains brains brains for you.  

    Unless you're like me.

    I'm getting ready and I've started months in advance.

    Unlike most humankind, I will be ready to survive.

    I will save my loved ones, and maybe a few others too.

    Wanna do the same?  Read on.  I'm here to help.  I'm The Zombie Hunter, and I'll help you face the coming storm.