Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jungle Survival Training Camp (JEST), Subic Bay

Fellow survivalists, I need to cram a very important fact between your ears: our objective is to ENDURE the coming crisis.  The zombie apocalypse could last years, or even decades.  Prepare for the long haul.

Perhaps the generation after ours may be the ones who'll clean up the mess.  It may be that our children would be the ones who will finish the war against the living dead.  That is if we live long enough.  

If knowledge is ammo, then Survival Knowledge is golden diamond-tipped ammo. Thank goodness there are some places outside the military establishment for ordinary folks to gain a degree of competence when it comes to outdoor survival.  

The Jungle Survival Training Camp (JEST) located at Subic Bay in Olongapo City is one such place. The camp has been sharing the traditional survival knowledge of the Aeta people since the Subic Naval Base was returned to civilian control in 1992.  When the base were still under the ownership of the United States, it was here that American troops learned jungle survival & combat from the Aetas who were the primary instructors during the Viet Nam War.  

The Aeta are an indigenous people who have lived in the Philippine islands for thousands of years and are perhaps its earliest residents.   It was their skills that served as the basis of modern jungle combat and survival.  Eat it John Rambo.

the real deal

To many of our American readers, the Subic Bay Naval Base remains a place that evokes a special meaning to the generation who fought in 'Nam. Hard training, a strange foreign land, San Miguel Beer, Malaria, and home to the best & worst experiences of their youth. That silly tattoo uncle Jesse has on his back? He probably got it there. The unsavory rash that he don't like talking about?  Same banana.  He did however make it back because of the things he learned from his Aeta jungle warfare instructor.  'Nuff said.

JEST offers flexible programs for both the casual & serious survivalists.  This is a wonderful opportunity to let your  kids earn extra merit badges, or serve as an introduction to junglecraft to Mrs. Zombie Hunter.  Take the overnight advance courses when they are ready.

I heartily encourage everybody to meet and get to know the Aeta instructors.  And when you're there, be thankful of the precious time that they're spending with YOU.  If you pay attention & respect their skills, perhaps you could learn how to keep your family alive for the duration WTS finally HTF.  

You heard me city slicker, head on over to there & learn from real survivalists!  

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