Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Survival Strategy #10: Long Term Essentials

Zombie Hunters need to go green.

Not the sickly-colored rot of the living dead.  I am referring to the fresh vibrant colors of Green Energy and recycling.  Pay attention, this is serious life & death stuff.

Most of us are fortunate enough to live in a first-world economy where everything is served on a silver platter.  We take many modern miracles for granted: the internet, electricity, cable TV, groceries, health care, WIFI, Facebook, your fancy little iPad, etc. Thinking about surviving is nonexistent because we're all too busy chasing our diversions.

Kiss all of this goodbye WTSHTF.

You're in for one salty pickle if you've never been outdoors,  learned to hunt or fish, learned how to collect & sterilize water, build a proper shelter, or planted & stored your own food.

And we're not just talking about you.  Think about your family.  If they're cold, hungry and without shelter, you have failed as a survivalist. 

Being prepared is more than stocking up on a few days of guns, ammo, food, and water.  You need to be capable of supporting yourselves for many years to come.

The essentials for long term survival:

I. Green Energy
When the power grid goes down, we'll need to learn new ways to harness energy.  With it, you could cook, stay warm, communicate, and do other things that would improve your chances for long term survival. 

Here are a few handy favorites from the Green Energy Insiders blog:
  • Waste-to-Energy - Fertilizer and energy from your refuse?  Free energy is always great.
  • Doggie Poop = Energy - In some cultures, you've got the family cow, pig or chicken.  Now your dog can help fuel your kitchen gas stove and contribute to the war effort!
  • Solar Powered Homes -  If every home had these, the post-apocalyptic world won't be so uncomfortable! Take that Meralco.

Mr. Davis is a wizard.  What more would you need?

And I've found the wonderful Mike's World of Mike Davis.  Go check out how the untiring pursuit of his hobbies has materialized into real-world energy solutions.

And the man's also done some mighty fine cooking!  Wins big groovy points with the ladies 'coz of all his talents, I'll bet.

II. Rainwater Harvesting
The average human needs about a gallon of of clean drinking water per day, and about double the same amount for cooking and maintaining one's hygiene.  Water collection and conservation techniques will be a must.  Especially if you want to be a responsible parent and look after the needs of your family.

III. Food Preservation and Gardening
These will assist your family's daily need for nutrition.  In an extended crisis, foraging for food will be one of your primary tasks.  So knowing how to properly store what you've found and augment it with growing your own will be of paramount importance to your survival. 

Warning: Learn how to sterilize your food properly to avoid posioning.
There are serious health risks if you get this wrong!

IV. Summary
All of this may be too much for just one person.  The good news is that teamwork will go a long way.  You'll be amazed at how the different talents of each family member could attain sustainable survival.  

All we want is to never get caught unprepared.  There are more disasters other than a zombie apocalypse that are waiting to happen! As the head of the family, its your duty to make concrete preparations for their sake.

Get them involved today!

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