Friday, February 18, 2011

Games: Last Stand 2 & Zombie Trailer Park

Zombie Hunters need to chill out sometimes.  It can't always be about fortifying the home, staying in top shape, or buying stuff for your bug out bag.  Once in a while, we gotta kick back and relax. 

I sometimes go fishing or pump iron, Mrs. Zombie Hunter cross stitches or goes cycling.  We sometimes hit the firing range once in a while.  But when I'm stuck at my desk, I like to play a few zombie apocalypse video games. 

Check out the stuff I've been going nuts with when my mind needs some stretching:

Last Stand 2

Your goal is to get your survivor to a place called Union City.  Its some kind of headquarters for the human resistance.  Along the way you will need to defend your safe house against the undead, search for fellow survivors & supplies so that you can make the trip across the country to get there.  

You will be fighting for your life each passing day.  And your time will be limited for for repairing your barricades, setting traps, and searching the various buildings in each location.  I appreciate how you can go through this game either conservatively or aggressively.  

 "Should I risk a few hours looking for better guns in the police station in Glendale?  Or do we escape now to that smaller town to catch a breather..."

You can take your time or just gun it all the way.  How you choose to make it to Union City will affect each battle!  The action stars among us can go all-in and just focus on combat, this will result in really intense battles.   On the flip side, the resource management will yield satisfying rewards for the more cerebral zombie hunters.  Check out Zombie Games to start your journey to Union City!

Zombie Trailer Park by Warockworld

Its a real-time strategy game where you command the residents of a trailer park settlement against a massive horde of zombies. You start out by constructing resource buildings to generate cash every few seconds.  Getting enough cash will buy you soldiers that will charge off and meet the undead head on.  You have the freedom to build your army as you see fit. If you are able to fend off the initial zombie waves, you can then push your forces to destroy the enemy base.

Your typical solider carries a shovel and is strong enough to take on two or three walking dead before dying.  If you save up more cash you could buy advanced buildings to unlock specialized combatants such as a shotgun-toting farmer, a dude who chucks moonshine firebombs, and even a priest.

Flooding your enemy with one type of soldier won't do in the long run.  You'll need to rely on combined arms to defeat the many kinds of undead that will be thrown at you.  When your power-up meter reaches full, you'll get the "YEE HAW!" special ability that unleashes a vengeful mob to crash into the enemy lines.  

Its really quite addictive.  And I love the music and sound effects.  It helps capture the whole atmosphere of shotguns, trailer parks, moonshine, and tons of zombies. 

When you're done, compare your score to the online leader board to see who's the top zombie hunter!

Feeling better?  Now get back to work!


  1. Last Stand 2 helped me waste a lot of time at work last year. Good game. I'll have to check out the other one.

  2. gotta love quality browser stuff. cheapo laptop gaming at its finest.