Saturday, January 29, 2011

Survival Strategy #9: Amateur Radio vs the Zombie Apocalypse

Staying in touch.  Its a phrase we take for granted with today's technology. People exchange more tweets and SMS with each compared to traditional forms of communication.  When was the last time you actually had a conversation with your mother on the telephone?  But when she starts tweeting or opens a Facebook account, you find it weird.  

All that will change WTSHTF.  

The internet and electricity will go down when a major crisis strikes.  When the millions of dead rise up & eat living flesh, the whole world will be thrown into chaos.  Much of high-technology will fail, but the trusty radio won't.  

To the survivalist, amateur or "ham" radio will always be a relevant hobby.  There are at least three million ham radio enthusiasts around the world.  Its not as popular as it used to be.  The main obstacle are the tests you need to get past to earn a license.

You need to know your radio theory, operating rules, and the laws for amateur radio.  And if you want to get into High Frequency, Morse Code is a requirement. It took me much longer than I expected to get it all done.  

This will be a crucial skill for survival when the crisis comes.  And I cannot stress how important the role of amateur radio operators will play in the long-term struggle against the hordes of undead.  

Since we cannot count on our governments to adequately protect us, survivor groups will be relying on radio communication.  Building a radio station is relatively simple.  Once you have an antenna, installed a transceiver & power source, you've got the basic setup & are ready to go. 

If the pen is mightier than the sword, the radio beats any mere gun.

With a transceiver, you can communicate with other survivor groups.  This will come in handy for tracking the movements of undead hordes, update the status of danger or safe zones on your emergency maps, call for help or rescue other survivors.  Hearing other human voices can keep morale up because studies have proven how long-term exposure to the endless moans of the undead can drive anybody crazy.

The key here is to help each other.  This will be the only way to endure the crisis.

The voice of resistance could come from this humble trailer...

And let us take it one step further.  

If people could talk to each other, they can also help each other.  From this the seeds of resistance could be planted.  And once you have a growing number of communities helping instead of preying on each other, mankind will have its first serious chance at defeating the zombie apocalypse.  

So now it would be good to learn how to become a competent radio operator and perhaps construct your first radio station.

You should also touch base with groups like the Philippine Amateur Radio Association.  The authorities and mass media will fail,  but these folks won't.  They will be at the forefront in the coming struggle and its best that we get all this started right away.

Another important lesson for you survivalists is to accept the fact that your private stash of weapons and supplies can only go so far.  The only way to truly survive and overcome the zombie apocalypse is to co-operate with other folks.  

Stay vigilant!


  1. Hey man, just found the blog. Lovin it so far, keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you sir! And I'm learning from Intro to the Outdoors because I've been wanting to get into serious fishing w/ my family for quite a bit.


  3. Hmm.. does walkie-talkie come in handy during this hard and desperate times?

  4. yeah, but for a limited time. when the world falls apart and Meralco's power stations and their executive committee who have been over-charging us while they sip champagne and eat caviar are eaten alive by the walking dead... there won't be an easy way to charge your batteries!

    big radios are easy to power up. there are kinetic, diesel or gas generators.

    smaller walkie talkies are also power hogs. I'm planning to start training my cat to do errands for me and pass messages. Hope she cooperates.

  5. This article is five years old but the idea of zombies are so current and relevant. In cases like this, you really need the most dependable survival equipment and it will never be complete without a good emergency radio to keep you informed on what is happening wherever you are. In reality, this is really helpful in storms or cases of calamity, and I found a good article with even better selection:

    1. hello Alice. that is a good list on that link of yours, thank you!

      yeah, its been a while since I posted this but I have recently acquired a few HAM radios for my family as well as a few emergency radios similar to the Epica emergency radio in that blog.

      We had a minor power outtage last month and it was really difficult to know what was going on for that whole day. What more if the outtage lasted a week? Lack of information can be dangerous.

      Cheers Alice, stay safe!