Friday, September 3, 2010

Shopping for Weapons

Melee weapons can help you kill zombies.  They don't need ammo. The downside is you gotta be w/in arm's reach to kill 'em. Close enough to smell brain breath.  This sucks, but its better than nothing!

I was at the mall today w/ Mrs. Zombie Hunter.  She was shopping for a fancy dress while I said I was going to the hardware store. 

She lets me go, probably thinking I was up to "my silly zombie fighting thing".  I dutifully march off thinking that my loved ones will appreciate my efforts if ever the SHTF.


Remember yesterday's bug out bag list? I evaluated two hardware stores that may cater to our special survival needs.

click the photos to zoom in
It was nice to see that True Value had camping equipment, 1st aid kits, solar powered lights, & a wider choice of potential melee weapons.  Ace didn't have any of those survival gear!

Winner = True Value


At the tool section I found a bunch of hammers, even a big-ass sledgehammer! They're not so good at killing zombies because they lack a sharp point.
I'm not Thor.

I did find a crowbar.  Its a handy tool but is inefficient as a weapon.  I continue shopping for something better...

Gordon Freeman would want this, but I'll pass.

I hit the jackpot at the Gardening Section.

gardener VS zombies?

I found these axes at the bottom shelf close to the floor.  Perhaps so that Gimli could pick them up easily.
R to L: Lotus, Greenfield, American Camp Ace, Lotus and Lotus w/ belt sheath. (mobile phone for size reference)

Lotus: Php 395
- wooden handle, heavy axe head. plain looks, but feels solid

Greenfield: Php 339
- metal haft w/ a nice curved plastic grip to absorb the shock of impact, shiny.

American Camp Ace: Php 1,549
- ridiculously expensive because its imported from the USA, certified by the American Society of mechanical engineering standards.  so I guess its the toughest axe in the bunch.

Lotus w/ belt sheath: Php 495
- has a flimsy belt sheath, smallest of the bunch.  Its haft/handle is only as thick as my index finger so it don't look like this could take sustained punishment.

My choice: Greenfield.  Its grip and haft are sturdy and seems like it could split zombie skulls all day long.  Its the cheapest too!  I'll just make my own sheath.

I also found a garden machete from Buffalo.

Its not the same as the traditional Machete or Bolo w/c is shorter and has a thicker blade that could do stuff like cut sugarcane, bamboo, or the arm off your daughter's suitors.

This costs Php 369 but is not suited for combat.  I doubt it could even cut off a zombie's head.  Coz I wanna kill a Zed with one strike, the Axe comes out the best melee weapon to be found in a hardware store.


And so today we've learned that you can buy a decent axe in the mall to serve as your first weapon against the living dead.

Stay vigilant!


  1. I would like to recommend you not discard either the sledgehammer or the crowbar as a weapon. A good blunt will destroy a zombie brain and same goes for the crowbar. Even for the ladies the crowbar is a good one as a good hit in the eyesocket or through the mandibule in a upper fashion will reach the brain. As for the machete, yes, only good survival machetes are worth. Those garden type are worthless, altough i saw a guy made a strong ballesta with two of them.

  2. Hey dude, glad you could share your thoughts.

    I've had several months to re-think the crowbar. Its heavy but it will get the job done as you said. Now that I've revised my home tools, carrying around a crowbar as a scout's weapon is starting to look like a good idea.

    See, WTSHTF, you will be scavenging for resources. Nothing breaks a lock or gets through barricades better than a good crowbar. It doubles as an effective weapon too. That two-in-one feature lets you carry fewer items if you are on a resource scavenging or scouting trip.

    Specialized weapons are brilliant, like those branded machetes or swords, however VERSATILITY is a top characteristic for considering our survival gear.