Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boy Scouts - these guys have real skills

Like most of us, my parents got me into the Boy Scouts when I was grade 3.  It was mostly fun & games, but I did learn a lot of survival tips from them.  By the time I was grade 6, I was quite the outdoorsman.

As early as 1987 I was already getting prepared in case TSHTF.

I learned these really important skills and could do most of them competently:
  • First Aid (learn this first)
  • various funny looking knots
  • building a makeshift tent
  • finding north w/o a compass
  • compass & map reading
  • International Morse Code (I suck at this, but I've got the cheat sheet)
  • how to properly handle a knife
  • teamwork & being a good kid
  • water collection 
  • building a fire
  • foraging for food
  • fishing (and my granddad taught me how to hunt w/ guns)

If you've forgotten these, quickly get in touch w/ the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and Scout Center Dot Net. I salute these boys & girls. More folks should learn to be like them. 

It would be best to inquire on how to join the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.  The stuff you can learn can help you survive and thrive when the world is thrown into madness when the zombie hordes arrive.  Just don't mention anything about "SHTF preparedness" or else they'll probably call the cops. 

Do it for your family.  Learn a skill today!

Ain't it cute that those little Grade 3 Cub Scouts already know how to handle themselves?  It would be ironic but comforting to see kids teaching their couch potato adults how to set up a proper campsite & hunt for food. 

“Take Nothing but Pictures;
Leave Nothing but Footprints;
Kill Nothing but Zombies.”

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