Wednesday, September 22, 2010

stepping up

Today is DAY ONE for my return to my physical training at a nearby gym.  This supplements my practical shooting, and will help keep up w/ my coach the Major. I gotta get back to my old form.

Past Awesomeness
Nearly a lifetime ago, I was in our high-school's Tae Kwon Do and swimming varsity teams.  For a whole decade, I was in really awesome shape. Looking good in a bikini Speedo was a daily thing.  

The excesses of college life had nearly erased my exceptional physical condition.  Back in the 1990's, everybody seemed to be partying harder and getting more smashed than folks do nowadays.

Chalk it to Y2K nihilism.  

Another big problem was my brush w/ Gangrene on one of my feet from a botched operation.   Long story.  Funny how the color of my diseased foot reminded me of the living dead.  It left me unable to run or do strenuous exercise for another 4 years.  If the SHTF then, I'd be screwed. 

Getting Back
I've been on and off from the gym and could not get it to stick.  Finally in late 2009, Mrs. Zombie Hunter and I started running & worked our way up to 30 KM/week.  It took a long while to reach 5Km in 30 minutes.  The first months were miserable!  It was like shaking off a decade's worth of laziness, booze, sleeping late w/ bags of Growers Savory Hot Peanuts.  

I've nearly quit booze & have lost a total of 15 pounds after 5 months.  Going back to serious training is a logical progression.  My new PT will improve my stamina & shed another dozen pounds to get into top form.  And thus I have committed myself to doing this & my running for as long as I could stand on my two feet.

You Can Do It Too
Anybody can turn things around with enough motivation and commitment. You'll be rewarded with a way better looking body, improved mood & higher energy levels.  Just give yourself a realistic target and think of it as an investment for yourself. 

And if that ain't enough motivation for you, perhaps the impending Zombie Apocalypse ought to get your lardy ass moving!

With washboard abs, zombies are doomed.  Wife is happier.

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