Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Survival Strategy #1: Get Started Today

Congratulations! You have decided to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. You have chosen not to become one of the millions of walking dead. You have begun your transformation. All of this begins with the first steps towards preparedness.

Now that you are aware of the coming crisis, you need to get into the survivalist's state of mind. Whenever you can, write important ideas on paper or in the notepad of your cellphones or something.  Just get started. Save your ideas and draw up your plans today.

Be discreet. Baby steps are important, consistency is essential. If your special lady starts asking what you're up to, just say that you're only buying survival gear. Innocent stuff.

"just getting prepared baby. you know, for climate change..."

Buy her a nice shoulder bag to keep your home life nice & peachy. Preferrably a waterproof shoulder bag that could carry ammo, provisions, or other useful things WSHTF.

Make a list of special training courses that you will need to be a competent survivalist.  You'll be needing all the skills you can cram into your still-living brain to defeat the hordes of undead.

It is your duty as the head of the family to be more than John Rambo, Bear Grylls, Jason Bourne, and Sir David Attenborough all rolled into one. The sooner the better.

This is Day One. Your family is depending on you.

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