Thursday, June 30, 2011

Zombie Poetry, Good for the Brain!

I have always been deficient in artistic expression.  However it is a fact that great warriors throughout history had poetic hearts beating under muscular & hairy chests. Something about a tranquil soul being the source of awesome sword-wielding skills, and stuff like that.

Many of the blogs that I follow contain a lot of really cool artistic stuff.  Painting, photography, and prose & poetry.  All of which I suck at!  However I am resolving to begin getting in touch with the other side of my brain so I can make the most of the whole thing!  

I stumbled upon a place called Your Daily SotA (Signs of the Apocalypse).  Yep, they've got a range of topics but I really dig their Zombie Poetry section.  

If learning how to write respectable haiku will help me be a more badass Zombie Hunter, then I'm all for it!

Stay vigilant!


  1. I love the zombie poetry! It's absolutely cool!

  2. Yes, and a refreshing change of brain patterns for me. Who sez I'm inflexible?

  3. I think you have a good thing going here and am anxiously awaiting haikus.