Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jack Enrile Cup 2010, Philippine Practical Shooting Association Nationals

Jethro "The Jet" Dionisio won first place in the overall results for the standard division at the 2010 Jack Enrile Cup Philippine Nationals.  My shooting hero has done it again!  We all know that he's world famous for dominating the top world shooting events in the past two decades.

Other big names won the top positions for the various categories such as Enrico Papa for modified, Jeufro "Jag" Lejano for production division, and Raul Arambulo for the revolver category.  JJ Racaza took the #1 for the open division.  I've seen the guy on the History Channel on that really cool show called Top Shot.  

I'd love to fight side by side with these guys.  I'll bet they'd be able to take down thousands of the undead all by themselves!

Yours truly placed somewhere on the bottom of page three out of six for the standard division rankings.  I did pretty okay and promise to do better next time. Not for glory, but for my loved ones.


The Zombie Hunter prefers the standard division because it allows only a few modifications for your weapon.  Production and Revolver are pretty cool too, but I just love the stuff I've done for my 1911.  

When TSHTF, batteries will become scarce so your fancy red dot optics will not survive a prolonged crisis.  Don't forget that those tricked out race guns are also quite bulky!  I endorse training with iron sights so you can endure.  The same logic applies to your tacti-cool out assault rifles equipped with EOtech & Aimpoint sights.  

Electronics will eventually fail.  Iron Sights are forever!

The Zombie Hunter also enjoys shooting those round steel plates w/c represent heads.  Those are the only worthwhile target when fighting the living dead.  


Here's stage 12 from the event plus how I dealt with the bad guys.  Read the notes to see it from The Zombie Hunter's perspective.
click the picture to zoom in

When competing, you gotta think of these stages as actual combat scenarios. Even if most of them use the usual IPSC target papers, you can pretend that they are zombies.  Even if they don't have "heads", the point is to plan your attack and eliminate the targets in the most efficient manner.  

The most important element for all this is creating a dynamic training regimen. Being prepared for any situation is numero uno for the true survivalist, and practical shooting is an incredibly fun way to develop the skills and discipline to face the coming storm.

Check out the match details to find out more about the different stages.  It was a fantastic event and I made a lot of new friends!  

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  1. Update: Can't believe how much time has gone since this match. In last week's Jack Enrile Cup I placed in the upper 1st page! Somewhere below 20th place. hahaha. Not tellin'

    Wohoo! What a long road its been. I hope to break the top ten next time :-)