Friday, April 20, 2012

Free Book! UPRISING USA by George Hill

After a Chinese biological attack leaves 90 percent of the United States infected by the zombie virus, George Hill, AKA, the Mad Ogre, springs to the defense of his country with every manner of firepower known to mankind. George and his allies beat back the zombie hordes, killing hundreds of thousands of the undead beasts in an attempt to save America from extinction. 

Now that is a meaty intro.

Heads up folks, George "Mad Ogre" Hill is releasing his book Uprising USA in Kindle version for free only until this Saturday.

Click this to head on over to Amazon right now. Put on your reading glasses and find a nice cozy corner.

What next? You should continue the fight with Uprising UK.

Say thankya big big to Huey's Gunsight for this. Cheers to the Mad Ogre.

Stay vigilant!

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