Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Cargo", Tropfest Australia 2013 Finalist

I found this little gem of a short film. Dig it. 

Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter. 

Directed by Ben Howling & Yolanda Ramke

Tropfest Australia 2013 Finalist (TSI "Baloon")

How far will you go?

Stay vigilant!



  1. Hi, Z Hunter. Discovered your blog because I was looking for a review of an axe and you've mentioned it actually.
    It's surprising to see a blog from the Philippines and as that, I would imagine you have a lot of untapped potential. Much knowledge on Zombie Preparedness focuses on American at the moment simply because they are the ones most involved.

    As a fellow Filipino, I have been thinking that we are in a different situation altogether. It would be so awesome if your blog could become the go-to reference site for Filipino Zombie survival.

    Things which i think are noteworthy are:
    -What are the gun laws here? How can I acquire guns and ammunition?
    -This leads onto: How can I start hunting? Again, what are the laws, what is the common game, where can I go for it.
    -The greatest asset to living in the Philippines must be that it is a tropical country and made up of so many uninhabited islands. I think it might even become important to the international Zombie Preparedness community seeing how little is yet known about settling on a tropical island.
    In that sense, how to sail/paddle to an island, secure it and how to establish food/water/energy sources.
    -I live in Manila. I am always a bit cynical when the topic of a sudden outbreak comes up. The traffic is bad enough under normal conditions. When panic comes into play, I don't see how I could manage to get out of Manila OR how to barricade myself in somewhere (I live in a condo).
    -What about wilderness survival in the Philippines? How dangerous are jungles here aside from the zombies?
    -How does one actually train using an axe and ginunting as weapons? Getting into Kali does seem like a good idea in that regard..Do you think Kali is applicable to zombie defense? Since it is designed for human combat, it probably has many moves which are about disarming, countering and wounding the body rather than the head. I can imagine that some of it will not be beneficial. What are your thoughts?

    Well, Zombie Hunter! Thank you so have already helped me get a hold on an axe.

  2. Hello Marc!

    Allow me to answer some of the items:

    1. The laws regarding firearm ownership can be found here:

    Because I am committed to promoting responsible firearm ownership and self-reliance, I'd like to encourage our friends to review these laws on a regular basis.

    2. Hunting requires a registered firearm and the permission of the local Barangay and police. Each town has their own rules & regulations. To be on the safe side, give them a call before you go hunting.

    3. Our 7,100+ islands offer vast resources. Bugging out is definitely a viable option, especially if you have created an emergency map and bug-out plan. The map, shared with your family should have details of your immediate surrounds. Your long-term escape can be built on a larger scale.

    Be it islands, the deep jungle, the endless suburbia, or mountain fortresses, meticulous attention to detail will be essential. This is where knowing about bottlenecks, large population centers, traps, hiding places, high and low-risk resources, and strong points will be key elements to your survival.

    4. In Max Brook's "World War Z", a Japanese guy was stuck in his condo as the outbreak spread. His experience is something to learn about since you may have a similar setup. The concrete jungle where you live in is an entirely different hazard because of high population centers, narrow passageways, and the vertical chaos that can erupt in a great wave of panic.

    The choice to bug out or bug in will depend on where you think would be the most likely place to ride out the initial phase of the outbreak.

    Some tough questions will revolve around how many days can your food storage last, where can you replenish your supplies, how sturdy is your barricade, do you have an emergency exit and secondary shelter? Who else can join you? Can you rescue your family from your location? Lots more.

    5. The wilderness is unforgiving if you are not prepared. Check out the Jungle Survival Training Camp (JEST) in Subic Bay.

    6. The Axe and Ginunting are formidable weapons in the right hands. I have to admit that I choose Gimli's favorite weapon because it is simpler to use. The Ginunting is a fabulous weapon in the hands of an expert. That I am not at this point.

    Try visiting those guys at that knife shop called SOE in Makati Cinema Square's basement. They know how to hook you up with real Kali practitioners. Good folks over there.

    Training for human combat is the foundation of preparedness. The living dead's strength is their numbers and relentless hunger for our brains, however it is the living & thinking adversary that will be our most dangerous foe.

    As the plague enters the later years, you can definitely expect human threats to be molded into battle-hardened warriors. The fight for survival in the later years of the zombie apocalypse will involve preparing to deal with these elite fighting machines. Entering the territory of a "Last Man on Earth" is a terrible danger. What more if they band together into a marauding army?

    There will always be those who survive. The good and the bad. Creating a network of like-minded survival groups can prevent the rise of bandit kings and tyrants. Read "The Road", by Cormac McCarthy to get an idea.


    Thank you very much for your important questions! I only want to help as many people as I can. Our own scenario in this part of the world has indeed its own challenges. Information is ammunition. Getting the word out can make a difference!