Thursday, May 2, 2013

May is Zombie Awareness Month

Pull out your gray ribbons folks, its time to remind our like-minded friends and family that May is Zombie Awareness Month.

This means we'll be seeing a lot more zombie-themed stuff on TV, the internet, zombie products, and other such things to capitalize on the occasion. Favorite topics on many other resources will cover how to kill them, what weapons are great to use, possible origins of the Solanum Virus, etc.


For The Zombie Hunter, Zombie Awareness Month is all about getting back to the basics. 

Here are a few productive activities to work on for the next 30 days:

1. Finish your Bug Out Bag already.

2. Check your emergency supplies at home. Can your family really last more than three months? Medicine, food, water, ammunition, those are just the beginning.

3. Review your emergency map. Review it with your family. Where is your escape route, where are possible infested areas, how many backup shelters do you have?

4. Enroll your kids into summer programs with survival skills. The Red Cross, Jungle Camp, Martial Arts, Cooking, etc. Teach your children valuable life skills. 

It is entirely possible that they world will still be infested with the living dead long after our generation has gone.

5. Inspect your home's defenses and make important improvements.

6. And pay it forward! Share your knowledge with other survivalists! A "LAMOE" or Last Man On Earth will not win the zombie war. 


Big thanks to the Zombie Research Society for the reminder. They're been an important resource for me over the years and you could visit the survival section of their forums. Cool stuff there.

Like ZRS always says: "What you don't know can eat you!"

Stay vigilant!

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