Sunday, September 1, 2013


Dude, has it really been three years already? 
When I started this blog back in August 31, 2010 I really did not have much of a plan. The word "prepping" was not yet in the dictionary. Zombies were beginning to become mainstream. Survival was only starting to make a blip on popular culture.

So here we are, we've read all the books. We saw Brad Pitt's World War Z, we knew it would suck but we still saw it. We're up to our eyeballs with zombie survival marketing gimmicks, and we think we've had enough. Well, not quite. Despite all this, I'm quite pleased at how things have come along.

Nowadays, it will no longer raise any eyebrows if you're into prepper stuff. Its great that people are more aware of the need to get ready in case TSHTF. My parents don't think I'm a such a weirdo for stockpiling rainwater, food, various weapons and ammo in my house.

I know first aid, I can cook, I can run faster & carry more things, I do yoga. I know kung-fu. My wife now gets it. She digs that I'm in better shape than I used to be three years ago.

My daughter is now turning five years old in less than two months. She's the reason why I want my family to be READY TO SURVIVE ANYTHING. This includes a very possible zombie apocalypse. Today I could say that we've got more than a fighting chance.

Perhaps my little one may have to take up an axe someday to destroy those who threaten to devour her loved ones, but for now that can wait. In a year's time her training will begin.


Looking back at my previous articles I'm pleased to see that the most popular pages are from the SURVIVAL STRATEGIES section. I have to admit that firearm-related topics get tons of attention but we all agree that weapons are only a small part of making it out alive.

So what's next? 

I've acquired a few new skills, weapons, and cool gear for review. As usual, I'm still chasing my dream to join the International Practical Shooting Association's World Shoot in Florida in 2014. I'm also working on storing supplies around the house, EDC, Get-Home-Bag equipment, and survival food. With the last item, Mrs. Zombie Hunter has been quite helpful!

I'll also never stop trying to be a super dad to my little girl. She's got an athletic streak and I hope to get her into competitive sports soon. 


Time flies yo. I hope I've been able to entertain or share useful ideas, but most of all I hope ya'll have had it as good as I've had this year.

Stay vigilant!

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