Tuesday, July 12, 2016

International Tribunal in the Hague Rules in favor of the Philippines, #CHexit

On this day June 12, 2016, my country defeated china's illegal and imaginary nine-dash-line claim. This is a massive swathe of the ocean and it encroaches heavily into our Exclusive Economic Zone and Territorial Waters. The International Tribunal in The Hague unanimously ruled that all of china's claims are invalid. 

You won't believe how the hashtag #CHexit is trending right now! Hahaha

I am celebrating this historic victory because china has been building illegal structures on our islands. They have harassed our fishermen, caused irreversible damage to marine resources and wildlife, and prevented us from rightful oil exploration. 

They have also sought to justify their theft by presenting various fabricated historical maps and text, all of which were easily debunked by their own scholars who are most probably living in a re-education camp by now.

china will not respect the ruling but our allies the United States, Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, and the EU are going to use this as legal basis to enforce and uphold Freedom of Navigation in the West Philippine Sea. The whole world is turning against them.

Yes folks, this is not a zombie attack, but it sure as hell could raise military tensions in my part of the world. Its nearly as bad as a global zombie apocalypse. 

A little explanation on that pariah of a country's preposterous imaginary claim

Want to know the details? Here are the Key points of arbitral tribunal’s verdict on PH-China dispute. 

This is a real threat to national security for all the affected nations in Asia especially mine because the chinese government believes its own hype and thinks it can bully us. 

So yeah, this is one the things people in my part of the world are PREPPING for. 

To use the battlecry of my ancestors: MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS! 

Long live the Philippines!

Stay vigilant!

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