Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday = The Great Panic

Yep, its scary. 

This photo is from a post on my buddy's Facebook page. Smart guy.

Its all fun and games 'till someone gets hurt. What was that report stating that NYC will descend into cannibalism in just two weeks of food running out?

I'm not all doom and gloom but today's nationwide madness is a taste of what can will happen. 

Some thoughts:

  • I have food and water under the bed, but is it enough?
  • Is my area really safe from rioting and marauders? 
  • I have food but many people don't. What's gonna happen when thousands of them are going to start looking for it? Are they gonna ask politely?
  • How will my community handle this crisis? 
  • Can I really bug in my home location and ride out a crisis?
  • I need to know when its time to get outta Dodge. Identifying the early warning signs could be a life saver. I want to avoid the mad rush to escape my area. 
  • I think its time to rehearse our bug out drill again with our new SUV. 
  • I wish I bought a black SUV. Easier to conceal. The one we got is kinda brightly colored.
  • My next homework is the actual checklist when we bug out and how we put all the stuff into the SUV. What goes in, what order, how fast can we do it?

A Great Panic can happen when food, water, electricity, and other essentials get turned off. It does not have to be a cataclysmic event. 

Get ready, your family is counting on you. 

Stay vigilant!

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