Sunday, December 10, 2017

Day of the Dead: Bloodline Red-Band Trailer (2018)

A trailer!  A remake! Are we going back to our roots?

My thoughts on the footage: 

  • Two words of doom: 1. Fast 2. Zombies  (we're screwed!)
  • No big name actors in the trailer
  • cliché "car won't start" and zombie slams into the glass scene. we've done this a bazilion times with every movie monster out there. I mean come on!
  • Military base with scientists looking for a cure
  • Sexytime scenes. Guess this really ain't for kids
  • Not so decayed looking zombies
  • Old school gore. Didn't see so many CG scenes. That's cool. 
  • A zombie in the air duct? That's new
  • Fences. I hate scenes with fences. Reminds me of TWD's Prison
  • The usual fast-paced chase scenes and a claustrophobic horror thing to mix it up. Two kinds of scares? I'm okay with that. 
  • Budget seems lowish, but production levels seem decent

  • Here's a biggie: The dude has an ACOG but no back up irons. If this was SHTF, I'd be obsessed about contingencies!

Zombies were so '60s but we're still here. I'm still here. 

This better not suck. I want it to be cool. 

Stay vigilant!

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