Monday, July 15, 2019

Department of Health Declares National Dengue Alert

The rainy season brings all kinds of bad news.  Heads up people, we've got a Dengue Outbreak in some parts of my city as well as dozens of places all over the country.

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From the Department of Heath (DOH):

Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III today declared Dengue Alert Status in selected regions in the country. This is in response to the rapidly increasing number of cases observed in the Philippines. 

Regions IVB, VI, VII and X have exceeded the epidemic threshold while Regions I, II, IVA, V, VIII, IX, XI, BARMM, and CAR are in Alert Status.


Use Mosquito repellent daily in areas where the alert has been raised. School systems in these areas are particularly vulnerable.

Good hygiene can prevent bites as they're are attracted to perspiration. In a humid county such as ours, having a washtowel and cleaning up through the day can certainly help.

Look for plants and flower pots that could be breeding places for mosquitoes.  It does not take a lot of water for them to find a home.

Speaking of breeding places, inspect your trash and make sure that its dry. It rains often so you could miss some new places where they can lay eggs.

Citronella oil sprays, electric bug zappers, and fumigation are far better than getting sick.

What's dengue fever? Click the video above to find out. 

This is serious, the time to act now.

Stay vigilant! 

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