Friday, April 29, 2011

PPSA Events this May, 2011

Its time for me to get back on track, and there are two practical shooting events this May that I'm really looking forward to joining. On the 14th is the 3rd On Target Ramon Tulfo Cup at the Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) Firing Range, and on the 22nd is the General's Cup qualifier at the ARMSCOR Firing Range.

The QCPD Range located at Camp Karingal in Quezon City is not very large compared to others, however the venue's Range Officers are known for developing really creative courses of fire.  Their events rarely have fancy moving targets & presentation, but they have never failed to deliver challenging courses that require a lot of mental focus.   Creative placement of hostages and bad guys are hallmark of Quezon City Police Department.

Another personal favorite is their frequent use of "double vision" or similar optical illusions in stage design.  For example, you enter one room and encounter four targets, when you finish shooting them & move to the next room of the stage, one of the rearmost targets is actually a target from the previous room.  Its just placed there in a manner to trick you into shooting it.  If you do, then you've made two extra shots, and that is a lot of wasted a lot of time.  These elements train shooters to keep their minds running at 100%, that will matter in real life. You can't just run in there and blaze away!

The Armscor Firing Range in Marikina city is one of the most established firing ranges in the country and some of the most important events are held there.  This includes all those three-day-long events that make you feel like you're participating in the World Shoot.  On May 22-23, the Qualifier Match for the General's Cup will be on.  I've been preparing for this level 3 event.   However for big ones such as these, I should force myself to treat it as a big FUN or PRACTICE DAY.  If I allow myself to get psyched, then I'm sure to perform quite poorly!

In the meantime, my dry fire and other drills go on.  It feels good to have a holster around my waist at least for an hour every day.  Hopefully I can get the muscle memory to take root.  

Shoot safe and stay vigilant!

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