Sunday, April 24, 2011

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #11: Store your gear properly!

You live with your family and its your job to protect them without causing undue stress with your accumulated gear & firepower.  

Its true that many of us are competent individuals, with skills & experience to face the coming crisis.  What we often neglect is the maintenance of HARMONY in the household.

We must prevent DISHARMONY in our homes and uphold safety.

Let us discuss the importance of storing our gear in the correct manner.

Observe the photo below.  A typical closet for your clothes, towels and unmentionables.  Mine is in the middle, right beside her stuff.

Now we take a look inside the leftmost one which has our towels & sheets.  As I was storing away a few things, Mrs. Zombie Hunter started an important conversation with me.  

It went a bit like this:

Mrs. ZH: This ain't right.

TZH: Babe, the gear is out of reach. They're all on the top shelf...

Mrs. ZH:  (quickly cuts in) Did you know that your Hoppe's, Redisol and that big can of action cleaner gets into the smell of our towels?

TZH: Golly, they do? But the caps are tightly closed...

Mrs. ZH: Our stuff smells like the Iron Sheik. We don't want the little one smelling funny, don't we? And your gloves absorb oil.

TZH: Yes dear, I'll tidy up.  (with a can-do smile)

Mrs. ZH: And get that axe outta the closet.

I am thus enlightened with her wisdom.  

Take a look at the next photo.  This is not how it actually looked, this only an example of HOW NOT TO STORE YOUR GEAR.  Keeping your stuff this way is extremely dangerous.  

the wrong way

This is how you do it.

way better

So here are the rules:

1. Your firearms & live ammunition must always be stored in a safe & secure manner, away from anybody who is not supposed to reach them. SAFETY FIRST!  

2. Be mindful of the people you live with.  Some of our survival gear are not visually pleasing. This contributes to DISHARMONY.  

3. Gun Oil has a FUNNY SMELL and can cling to all sorts of fabric.  Especially the pretty and delicate stuff.  It is also highly TOXIC.  You do not want to let everyday things touch these chemicals!

4. Avoid DISHARMONY in the household.  Any true Zombie Hunter will uphold this, least he draws the righteous ire of lady Zombie Hunter.

Stay vigilant!

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