Monday, May 9, 2011

Tropical Storm Aere: A Glancing Blow

Document from the National Disaster Coordinating Council

We didn't take a direct hit from International Tropical Storm Aere.  We call it locally Typhoon "Bebeng".  However it still managed to bash the east coast of the country with a maximum wind speed of 83 km/h. and gusts reaching 102 kilometers per hour.  

What the forecast sources do not usually predict is the amount of rain these storms bring.  As of this writing, our northern provinces have suffered landslide damage to several residential areas.  Our best wishes go to the rescue teams & survivors.  

This is the first storm of the year out of the usual 18 that we get, so inspecting your defenses is a year-round task.  It also lets you see how local and private organizations are getting their act together.  You may be relying on these agencies to protect your family.  I've been wondering how they could help or hinder me when it comes to protection.  

Ask yourselves:

  • Have you prepared your emergency kit?  
  • Is your home secure?  
  • What services can you tap in case of a calamity?

For every rumbling of the earth, a shudder of the sky, or biohazard plague that emerges, we must remain on guard to protect our families.  So when the zombie apocalypse strikes, we'll be ready.

Stay vigilant!

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