Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zombie Hunter Gear: Pacsafe Metrosafe 200 Shoulder Bag Review

Say hello to The Zombie Hunter's man-purse of choice: the Pacsafe Metro 200 Shoulder Bag.  I was looking for a something that could carry my daily stuff from home to work. I needed it to be not too big, manly looking, can defeat pickpockets & thieves, and has to be really tough.

I also use this to compliment my primary backpack for survival scenarios.

When I discovered these bags at the mall, I could not wait to get my hands on them when I found that they're reinforced with stainless steel wire in strategic places.

Any real man's man-purse needs to have steel mesh in 'em!

I usually wear it with the strap crossing from my left shoulder going down across my chest to the right, with the bag resting at small of my back.  I try to avoid wearing the bag staying on my front or side, 'coz it won't have a manly look.

  • made of ballistic nylon
  • can deflect some rainwater, keeps contents reasonably dry
  • lined with exomesh slash guard and other anti-theft features
  • a velcro front flap that has two pockets for gadgets 
  • pretty roomy for a neat little bag
  • the main compartment is spacious
  • has a back and side pockets

Check how the zipper on the main compartment could be fastened to a steel clip. This keeps it out of reach from the likes of The Artful Dodger. 

The strap is lined with stainless steel cable has a special twist-lock feature, making it hard for anybody to unhook or slash it off you.  

The front flap is secured by Velcro and has several pockets that hold lots of stuff.  
I put things that I frequently use such as my mobile phone, digicams, music player, portable gaming device, ball pens, business cards, Swiss Army knife, and my key chain that is secured to a built-in hook.

The bottom right photo is the main storage.  In here I sometimes keep my wallet, travel docs, a snack or two, and a personal hygiene kit.  

For the lady zombie hunters, there are other nice colors such as deep chocolate, Moroccan blue, and grape wine. There's tactical black, perfect for me.

True Purpose: 

When I need to use this as part of my emergency bug-out-gear, it can carry medical supplies, communication, ammunition, an extra weapon, or whatever I need to pull out in short notice while I'm on the move. 

With a shoulder bag, you could have quick access to things you regularly use. Backpacks are hard to rummage through when you need to reach something in a pinch. This is the essence of a shoulder bag.

Ballistic nylon is durable stuff.  I've been using another bag thats made with the same for nearly ten years and its still in wonderful shape.  I expect this one to do the same or better.  I'll keep ya'll posted on 2021.


Do not underestimate importance of a good bag. To survive the zombie apocalypse, we're gonna be doing a lot of vigorous work that will go beyond the usual wear & tear. WTSHTF, all warranties are void!

Won't it be great to have something that won't break down after a decade? Planned obsolescence sucks. If we're gonna endure a long-term crisis, we need gear that will go the distance. 

We also need to remember that looking cool is really important. Mrs. Zombie Hunter approves because this bag is a snazzy looking thing.  Be it your daily commute, an African Safari, or surviving a global zombie pandemic, high quality gear will help you outlast the competition.   

Stay vigilant!


  1. Nice choice. I recently order a Maxpedition EDC pouch and was very impressed by the quality of construction. I may get one of their molle backpacks as a bug-out bag.

  2. What I really like about the Maxpedition pouch is how it carries all that stuff while keeping a flat profile.

    Saw them on your blog, darn it I want one too.

  3. I think Zack Galififikananasass had one of those bags in The Hangover. I always liked that guy. Btw, your blog is awesome. Can't wait to show it to my girlfriend so she realizes I'm not crazy and this ain't no game!

    Sorry about the double negative there. That was uncalled for.

  4. Thank you sir! I think I understand your situation with your special lady.

    I can credit my wife for the many improvements that I've made to all of the survival strategies discussed here. It takes a woman to refine & temper our manly need to protect our family. Not only does she want us to survive, she wants me to do it with style. (so as not to draw the wrong kind of looks from our neighbors!)

    We know much about combat, survival and firepower, however it is another art to maintain harmony in the home. Proper equipment storage is one of the most common "sticking points".

    This is something that even the most seasoned zombie hunters neglect. For if our woman is displeased, we shall be screwed.

    Stay vigilant!

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