Sunday, August 14, 2011

Got Featured on ITS ON RANDOM

I've recently been featured by Ms. Random Girl on her blog Its On Radom right here. Its part of her series of "get to know your bloggers". I just wanna say that she's got creative skills that I wish I could fill into the right side of my brain. 

I wish I could draw, paint, make crafts & dolls, stimulate the minds of my offspring, because all of these WILL come in handy. Maximize your brains, yo.

Personally, I've always loved filling up questionnaires since I was little. Slambooks are fun, yes? 

A favorite question was "What movie changed your life?", that was easy. The Goonies was the one that turned me from a skinny nerdy shy kid into a skinny nerdy ADVENTUROUS kid. Me, and my gang of BMX riding buddies. It helped shape me into what I am today. 

If the zombie apocalypse happened in the mid 1980's, I think we would have handled it and saved all the kids in our school! And this sort of movie would totally rock.

Reading up on the featured bloggers just blew my mind. Darn it, them zombie writers do awesome stuff. 

Thank you Random Girl! 

Stay vigilant!


  1. No, thank you! You were so darn fun to interview!!!!!

  2. Congrats! Come collect your Award too for Zombie love!

  3. awesome sauce! thank you! I'm a huge fan of the folks on your list