Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coming Soon: World War Z (2012)

November 2012 UPDATE: The trailer's out. View it here

A lot of buzz is going about the movie starring Brad Pitt as a United Nations employee who is trying to save the world from the zombie apocalypse.  

 The Battle of Yonkers

By now everybody knows that it will be deviating from the style of the novel. At first I was going to make a big rant of how all of our hopes & dreams for the film will be affected by the changes. I loved the book's style, how the author interviews key personalities some years after  the end of WWZ. Over the years, the  battle scenes, heroes, villains and geo-politics have grown on the book's legion of fans. 

There are even indie videos on YouTube for some of the chapters. A lot of them are pretty well made.

I was on the verge of descending into pessimism until I read Sean Thomas Fisher's article. The gist was "take it easy". OK, I'll be cool. The nice folks posting their comments also convinced me to just let it go and look forward to the movie. Our movie. The one based on the book that got it started. Hey Brad, no pressure!

Who knows, maybe Pitt's story is the "unwritten chapter" or the 5th Beatle to the book. And I'm also sure that he film will still have the different struggles around the world.

That's the main thing. All of the chapters were done really well and showed a local's perspective of how they endured the crisis. I'll bet readers from India, China, South America, and Yonkers, NY enjoyed their respective situations the best.

So I guess we're still in for a treat. And armies of zed heads will be lining up like Star Wars fans to see it.

There, got it outta my chest. I'm cool now.    

As Dr. Kwang Jingshu said "everything's gonna be alright".

Stay vigilant!


  1. I'm from Yonkers, NY!!! I was reading the book and in the book there is a picture of city hall and I thought, "Wow, that looks familiar!" Come to find it, it's exactly what I thought it was.

    I'm looking forward to this movie & I'm so proud to be from Yonkers, now! ^_^

  2. The audiobook version was also fantastic. The all star cast were awesome.

    Rock on Real Queen! Now I can say I know someone from Yonkers, NY. :-)

  3. You are one of the winner's of September's Zombie love award!