Monday, September 5, 2011

Bug Out Gear: Cradle's Portable Hammock

I got a mighty fine deal while shopping at a small army supply store at Fort Bonifacio. The cute little thing is a  a portable hammock made by a company called Cradle's and I got it for about USD $12.

Why a hammock?
Survivalists in tropical countries will be exposed to a lot of rain, flooding, and mosquitoes. The portable hammock like this one will let you stay above water and protected against the cloud of mosquitoes that can infect you with Malaria or Dengue.

Staying elevated will also keep you out of reach from the hungry arms of the undead. According to studies, zombies are found to be very bad at climbing. Out of 100 zeds, only one will be able to get halfway up a tree or ladder. The good news is that it will take a lot of time before this is achieved. Probably half a day. This is enough for one survivalist to catch some much needed rest before finding a more secure location.

I recommend a height of at least 18 feet. This is in case a zombie Yao Ming tries to reach up for you. 

unfolded, and then rolls downward 6 feet

Cradle's is a small company that supplies products to shops that cater to members of the armed forces as well as outdoor enthusiasts. The hammock is made of nylon, however when it is folded up, the outer layer uses a cloth-like material for added protection from scratches & light abuse. 

It weighs approximately 4 ounces, measures 3 inches thick, 12 inches long & 8 inches wide. Its quite soft so you can squish it even further in your backpack to nearly half its size.

  • adequate strength to hold a single adult survivalist
  • the mosquito net works perfectly without being suffocating
  • light weight & doubles as a squishy pillow
  • easy to repair
  • partially water repellant

  • does not come with a warranty
  • does not have a rain hood, so you need to devise your own covering
  • durability is questionable without preventive maintenance after 6 months. Reinforce the nylon rope with duct tape to prevent fraying
  • it is not a heavy-duty product. this must be relegated to a backup system when you find a higher-quality product for long term survival requirements
  • if you're 6 feet tall, this won't fit you

PROTIP: Pay attention to the seams holding the rope after each use. 
You don't want it to rip while you're sleeping!

Rating: 6/10, adequate
I am giving this portable hammock a passing grade if used for short-term assignments. If you are on the move, this will help you stay out of reach. Keep in mind that this is best suited for scouting missions and not for long term accommodations. 

The little one at Outpost 2 reports "all quiet  on the western front".  

Stay vigilant!


  1. hi Kev D.,

    aye partial.

    the thin nylon material can repel rain, but it will not hold back direct downpour for more than an hour. so if you're up a tree, have another line of rope on above you and then lay a tarp-like material to serve as your roof. A backpack cover will do. I'd treat this as a decent urban hammock.

    and thus the "adequate" score.



  2. What cute little girl in the hammock!

    I'd love to have of those in my car...just in case.

  3. Ain't she a little wonder? Sitting on her lap is baby doll. Not visible from this view. No wonder she didn't mind the extended duty.

    Keeping one in the car is a great idea! And it makes a cute little pillow too.

    Stay safe & vigilant comrade.

  4. she is adorable bud! Lucky man you are...