Saturday, November 10, 2012

World War Z Official Trailer

So it finally happened. Max Brook's film has a trailer. 

So this is it eh? The big kahuna that everybody's been waiting for.

Max Brooks, for better or worse, has come to remind everybody that it all started with that old book of his called World War Z.

The guys behind all other zombie movies, comic books, novels, and blogs from the past 9 years since this craze began are finally gonna see if their work measures up. 

So on to the trailer. What have we seen so far?

1. fast zombies dammit, they ain't no walking dead!

2. a daddy Brad Pitt with family

3. film shown from handsome guy's POV, not the documentary form

4. big budget special effects

5. the sh*t going down all over the world. this part I'm looking forward to

WTH is with Paramount Pictures? Fine! I just hope it won't suck.

I loved the book. I really did. It is a modern classic and a must-read before you die. Perhaps its too big to fit into one movie. If they'll ever make a TV series, they'd better stick to the original material.

OK, it looks like the film really deviates from all of our expectations. I won't throw a fit and will do my best to accept it as it is.

I guess some will argue that "daddy Brad" is not as good as "daddy Matt Damon".  See Contagion, chix dug him there. There was a zombie in that one too, its name was Gwyneth Paltrow.

My wife is gonna say "so this is what you've be bugging me all year to see huh?". Heck yeah. However I'll have her read the book first so we can debate which is better.

Cheers to you Mr. Brooks. You got us into this mess. And your dad, we love him too.

Stay vigilant!

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