Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ARMSCOR USA Website is finally up!

The wait is over! They've finally launched their new website. I've been waiting for them to get this done since the last gun show. With the torch passed to their new boss Martin Tuason, the future looks bright. I wish them success in all of their endeavors.

Cool facts:

ARMSCOR USA manufactures its stuff in the USA. Where? Stevensville, Montana.

The make the most number of 1911 pistols worldwide. Great ones too, at a wonderful price.

They developed the 22 TCM Micro Mag pistol.

They built the MIG 22 Target, a match-grade .22LR rifle that shoots like a dream.

There's a video section for all of their products too! How cool is that?

JJ Racaza, Eric Grauffel, Athena Lee and Jethro Dionisio shoot for Team Armscor. Who are they? Some of the very best shooters in the world!

I'm a huge fan.

Stay vigilant!

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