Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zombie Boot Camp Experience

If you are planning to visit London and are in need of zombie training, you could check out the Zombie Boot Camp Experience from Buyagift.

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You can buy a gift for you or a friend to learn important things like team work, trigger discipline, and surviving the absolute chaos that can happen in a close-quarters zombie battle.

They've got this training scenario in a real decommissioned Cold War Nuclear Bunker! That is enough reason for me to check it out if I ever visit the UK.

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Fighting hordes of undead requires specific tactics. The enemy moves differently, they have no fear. Against hundreds or even thousands of walkers, your shots will need to count.

The biggest thing that many survivalists forget is the importance of fighting as a team. We are guilty of thinking of only ourselves going up against the whole world. One lone ranger VS possibly BILLIONS of walkers? Brain-dead!

Training to fight with a team is for real survivalists. Turning your family into an effective fighting force is your first mission. This is why I dig this program from Buyagift. It looks like a lot of fun and I'll bet that they have a course that your wife and daughter will appreciate. From here, anything is possible.

Stay vigilant!

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