Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Smashing Coconut Test II: Arrows

Today we determine the effectiveness of standard flight arrows against the evil brain-eating coconut.

Why Archery?
A zombie hunter proficient in archery is an important asset to your team. 
He or she can take out the living dead quietly using ammunition that could be manufactured more easily than those used in firearms. 
Stealth missions, hunting for food, or just simply thinning down the horde a few zeds a day are important to long-term survival.

  • SF Archery Recurve Bow, limb poundage is at 28 lbs.
  • Easton Platinum shafts
  • Saunders 145 grain field points (arrow points)
*My bow's draw weight is 28 pounds. This is determined by the limbs. This is what are lot of beginners start with. When I graduate to intermediate or advance-level proficiency, I can upgrade to 40 pounds or higher. 40 and above is the minimum standard for bowhunting.

1 ripe coconut (juice suitable for drinking & salad) 

The Test:
  • To find out if a flight arrow using field points (heavier tips) shot from a recurve bow with a 28 pound draw strength could destroy a zombie.
  • To determine overall penetration or deflection against a round surface that is shaped like a skull.

with home-made silencers

I was worried about the arrow deflecting in odd angles so the coconut was set on the ground to be shot at from my 2nd floor balcony at a distance of 15 meters & approximately 45 degrees or higher.

Bowhunting is most commonly done at steep angles. This is also ideal for Zombie Hunting.

15 meters is my usual practice distance, mostly because my yard only goes as far as 18. I've been working on hitting a head-sized shape at least 2x a week. So far it has taken me about a month to maintain a grouping of 6 arrows out of 10 in the zombie-killing head shot zone.

I shot a regular flight arrow (red & green fletching) using regular target points. It only penetrated through 5 inches of the coconut. This was deep enough to make it into the empty space that contains the meat and juice.

The second arrow (green & black fletching) quipped with the heavier field-tip points made it all the way through the coconut. Penetration measured at 8 inches, entering through one side and exiting through the near-middle portion of the coconut. Perfect zombie-kabob!

There was a neat sounding thunk! sound when each arrow landed. Killing a zombie this way will be very satisfying. 

No shot deflected, even if they landed slightly off-center. Awesome.

You CAN destroy a zombie with a "trainer-strength" 28 pound bow with simple field-tips. I can't wait to upgrade to 40 or 50 pound limbs so I can take zeds out at longer range!

Quite interesting that the arrow dug in as far as it did. By comparison, my best attempt using a hand axe with my left arm only chopped into the middle.

I ate his brain. Yum.

Success is sweet, and so was the coconut salad! A happy ending for all.

Stay vigilant!


  1. Are you going to put the coconut in a zip line to simulate a moving zombie?

  2. dude, awesome idea. I would love to do that!

    alas, I presently lack the technology to do so in a safe manner. I'll draw up a few plans.

    that is why I shot at them from my balcony. the chance of a ricochet in any direction scares the heck outta me.

  3. I never tried my 30lb bow on a test like this. This proves that it is possible, what more with broadheads that cut on contact. This is very good news! Kudos, Kudos, Kudos!

  4. howdy Mr. Goatloard, thank you for your kind words! Archery is lotsa fun, especially when you have your own backyard range. I've shot arrows into all sorts of silly things like water jugs, plywood, old toys, and various fruits. The coconut is still the best one because it represents our undead enemy.

    I've upgraded to a 40lb bow and the destruction is significant and my effective range is essentially doubled.

    Ain't it nice to know that your 30lb can get the job done? Cheers dude!

  5. Splendid! If ever the outbreak hits, just remember that two archers are betten than one =) - holler up and we'd hit higher ground setup a survival cache and go down fighting (i'd prefer if we don't go down at all though, i don't wanto feel jagged teeth ripping into my sinews... ouch!)

    1. Three archers are better than two :-)

  6. I need help :-( Planning to buy a cross bow, a full size one just for the fun and hobby of it and a supplement for my Armscor 45 FS PS and SAM Thunderbolt, any recommended brands? Pros and Cons over a Recurve bow and perhaps price range and where could I buy those arrows? and where to buy here in Philippines :-)

  7. Hello DJ Kie

    I see you are a fellow 1911 man :-)

    A crossbow is very slow to reload but shoots like a rifle and can be extremely powerful. One other downside I can see is that the strings for x-bows need to be replaced more often compared to recurve bows. I havent studied that much so please check it out.

    Recurve bows need formal training when you start, but its worth the time and money. You also need at least weekly practice to maintain your skills. If you want to hit coconuts or moving targets, this will be important. Try Googling Benek Archery in Mandaluyong city or search MDK Corp on FB. Benel has great instructors and the MDK shop has other weapons. There is an archery range in Makati Cinema Square. They have very good rental and training too. I also hope you have a way to practice at home.

  8. I've already got a Glock 22 as my main SHTF firearm but I've been thinking about getting a survival bow as a hunting/weapon. Anyone have thoughts about the Spectre line?? I was checking it out here and it looks like pretty darn good quality and not too pricey. Thoughts, suggestions are appreciated.

    1. Hello Mike, I am happy to report to you that this particular bow has already seen a lot of acceptance in many prepper communities even outside America. Traditional archery has also increased in popularity too. In my own country there have been a rise in archery ranges in urban downtown communities as well as outdoor ranges foe olympic and 3d hunting games.

      As for this survival bow, its a briliant idea. I still whip out my own bow and admit that this is a skill that requires weekly practice. It isn a worthwhile endeavor and the portability of the product enhances the enjoyment as its not as bulky as an olympic recurve. If I wasnt training 3x a week with my own sport I would have plunged into archery myself. Wishing you all the best!



  9. Hey, do you think a bow like the SAS Tactical Survival bow could kill a Zombie?
    Reply please.
    Kind Regards M.