Friday, April 29, 2011

PPSA Events this May, 2011

Its time for me to get back on track, and there are two practical shooting events this May that I'm really looking forward to joining. On the 14th is the 3rd On Target Ramon Tulfo Cup at the Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) Firing Range, and on the 22nd is the General's Cup qualifier at the ARMSCOR Firing Range.

The QCPD Range located at Camp Karingal in Quezon City is not very large compared to others, however the venue's Range Officers are known for developing really creative courses of fire.  Their events rarely have fancy moving targets & presentation, but they have never failed to deliver challenging courses that require a lot of mental focus.   Creative placement of hostages and bad guys are hallmark of Quezon City Police Department.

Another personal favorite is their frequent use of "double vision" or similar optical illusions in stage design.  For example, you enter one room and encounter four targets, when you finish shooting them & move to the next room of the stage, one of the rearmost targets is actually a target from the previous room.  Its just placed there in a manner to trick you into shooting it.  If you do, then you've made two extra shots, and that is a lot of wasted a lot of time.  These elements train shooters to keep their minds running at 100%, that will matter in real life. You can't just run in there and blaze away!

The Armscor Firing Range in Marikina city is one of the most established firing ranges in the country and some of the most important events are held there.  This includes all those three-day-long events that make you feel like you're participating in the World Shoot.  On May 22-23, the Qualifier Match for the General's Cup will be on.  I've been preparing for this level 3 event.   However for big ones such as these, I should force myself to treat it as a big FUN or PRACTICE DAY.  If I allow myself to get psyched, then I'm sure to perform quite poorly!

In the meantime, my dry fire and other drills go on.  It feels good to have a holster around my waist at least for an hour every day.  Hopefully I can get the muscle memory to take root.  

Shoot safe and stay vigilant!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #11: Store your gear properly!

You live with your family and its your job to protect them without causing undue stress with your accumulated gear & firepower.  

Its true that many of us are competent individuals, with skills & experience to face the coming crisis.  What we often neglect is the maintenance of HARMONY in the household.

We must prevent DISHARMONY in our homes and uphold safety.

Let us discuss the importance of storing our gear in the correct manner.

Observe the photo below.  A typical closet for your clothes, towels and unmentionables.  Mine is in the middle, right beside her stuff.

Now we take a look inside the leftmost one which has our towels & sheets.  As I was storing away a few things, Mrs. Zombie Hunter started an important conversation with me.  

It went a bit like this:

Mrs. ZH: This ain't right.

TZH: Babe, the gear is out of reach. They're all on the top shelf...

Mrs. ZH:  (quickly cuts in) Did you know that your Hoppe's, Redisol and that big can of action cleaner gets into the smell of our towels?

TZH: Golly, they do? But the caps are tightly closed...

Mrs. ZH: Our stuff smells like the Iron Sheik. We don't want the little one smelling funny, don't we? And your gloves absorb oil.

TZH: Yes dear, I'll tidy up.  (with a can-do smile)

Mrs. ZH: And get that axe outta the closet.

I am thus enlightened with her wisdom.  

Take a look at the next photo.  This is not how it actually looked, this only an example of HOW NOT TO STORE YOUR GEAR.  Keeping your stuff this way is extremely dangerous.  

the wrong way

This is how you do it.

way better

So here are the rules:

1. Your firearms & live ammunition must always be stored in a safe & secure manner, away from anybody who is not supposed to reach them. SAFETY FIRST!  

2. Be mindful of the people you live with.  Some of our survival gear are not visually pleasing. This contributes to DISHARMONY.  

3. Gun Oil has a FUNNY SMELL and can cling to all sorts of fabric.  Especially the pretty and delicate stuff.  It is also highly TOXIC.  You do not want to let everyday things touch these chemicals!

4. Avoid DISHARMONY in the household.  Any true Zombie Hunter will uphold this, least he draws the righteous ire of lady Zombie Hunter.

Stay vigilant!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Brain Food!

 plastic wrap c/o Mrs. Zombie Hunter

Its time to head on over to the bookstore and feed your brains with Adam Baker's OUTPOST.  I finally got my copy, and I can't wait to get started! 

The unique setting, and an interesting group of survivors facing a global zombie apocalypse makes this required reading for all of you survivalists.   

Stay vigilant!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Melee Weapons: The Ginunting

The Philippines has a rich heritage in the use of bladed weapons for warfare. This comes from the pre-colonial tribes from across our 7100 islands that is home to a myriad of swords, knives, and the martial arts utilizing them.  It is likely that when the zombie apocalypse reaches our shores, battles will be fought & won with traditional weapons long after the last gun has run out of ammo.

One that stands out for me is the Ginunting.  An updated version of it has been adopted as the official bladed weapon by the Philippine Marines who train in the art of Pikiti Terisa Kali.  

the marines can handle terrorists and the living dead

Despite advances in technology, traditional fighting skills and weapons are in constant development to give our troops the edge in the modern battlefield. 

Vital Stats
Blade Length: 18-19.5 inches
Overall Length: 25-27 inches
Material: high carbon steel blade

The Ginunting translates to "scissors" and it gets the job done in similar fashion.  This curved design grants superior mobility and balance while maintaining its durability.  Its overall length is best suited to close-quarters combat.

The weapon has its roots in the machete or "bolo" which is an ideal junglecraft tool.  I really admire how it gets its business done as a one-handed weapon. This frees up the other for tasks such as grappling, parrying, holding a flashlight, a pistol, or even another Ginunting.

My own blade was acquired to augment the home defense arsenal.  There's nothing like having something that doesn't need  ammunition.  When TSHTF back in WW2, my granddad left one of these with my grandma plus a trusty .45 for protection as they fought a guerrilla war.  Good enough for them means good enough for us.

Use Against Zombies
It is a cutting/slashing weapon designed to attack your enemy's limbs, neck, and body at high speed.  To destroy a zombie, it is best to cut their heads off.  The design of the blade enables a skilled practitioner to dispatch a large number of zombies in a short amount of time. Just be sure to avoid the severed heads and dispose of them carefully.

Warning: Do not attempt to destroy a zombie by striking at the skull. The weapon was not designed for this, and it will take more than a single blow.  Time is life. 

The revival of the Ginunting in the military is proof that centuries-old combat techniques are still relevant in the battlefield.  Be it terrorists or the living dead, these will do the job.  

Stay vigilant!