Thursday, May 19, 2011

Center For Disease Control: Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

The CDC has recently published a guide to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. The author is no less than Assistant Surgeon General Ali S. Khan who states that the so-called rise of zombies in popular culture has made people increasingly receptive to disaster preparedness.

"You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency."
Even with his semi-serious tone, the message is always appreciated. Its hard enough to convince our family and friends to get prepared about anything, let alone a global zombie crisis. 

 "Have you begun preparing for a zombie apocalypse? Or maybe you have been preparing for a more realistic threat like hurricanes or the next flu season?"

The best thing about this article is that non-survivalists are increasingly talking about the Zombie Apocalypse. It starts as a funny conversation around the water fountain. And then the seeds of preparedness are planted in your subconscious. It will take root. And later on, folks will get spooked into action.

Rear Admiral Ali S. Khan
Closet Zombie Hunter?

Whatever his approach, the Assistant Surgeon General is tasked with looking after our health & safety.

Just in time for Zombie Awareness Month.  Maybe he really does believe in the zombie apocalypse...   

Stay vigilant!

Thanks to Huey for the heads up!

Neil Gaiman Brains Shirt

Neil Gaiman's photo: In light of the last blog post, an important t-shirty message for us all.

Neil Gaiman is wearing a brain t-shirt!

A really smart guy named Michael Spink translated the latin into "there's no accounting for taste...". Something about finding intelligence sexy.  The double meaning could also say that you want to eat big juicy brainz.

Does he want join the ranks of the walking dead, or is he just being his usual clever self?  You decide. 

Stay vigilant!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zombie Hunter Gear: Pacsafe Metrosafe 200 Shoulder Bag Review

Say hello to The Zombie Hunter's man-purse of choice: the Pacsafe Metro 200 Shoulder Bag.  I was looking for a something that could carry my daily stuff from home to work. I needed it to be not too big, manly looking, can defeat pickpockets & thieves, and has to be really tough.

I also use this to compliment my primary backpack for survival scenarios.

When I discovered these bags at the mall, I could not wait to get my hands on them when I found that they're reinforced with stainless steel wire in strategic places.

Any real man's man-purse needs to have steel mesh in 'em!

I usually wear it with the strap crossing from my left shoulder going down across my chest to the right, with the bag resting at small of my back.  I try to avoid wearing the bag staying on my front or side, 'coz it won't have a manly look.

  • made of ballistic nylon
  • can deflect some rainwater, keeps contents reasonably dry
  • lined with exomesh slash guard and other anti-theft features
  • a velcro front flap that has two pockets for gadgets 
  • pretty roomy for a neat little bag
  • the main compartment is spacious
  • has a back and side pockets

Check how the zipper on the main compartment could be fastened to a steel clip. This keeps it out of reach from the likes of The Artful Dodger. 

The strap is lined with stainless steel cable has a special twist-lock feature, making it hard for anybody to unhook or slash it off you.  

The front flap is secured by Velcro and has several pockets that hold lots of stuff.  
I put things that I frequently use such as my mobile phone, digicams, music player, portable gaming device, ball pens, business cards, Swiss Army knife, and my key chain that is secured to a built-in hook.

The bottom right photo is the main storage.  In here I sometimes keep my wallet, travel docs, a snack or two, and a personal hygiene kit.  

For the lady zombie hunters, there are other nice colors such as deep chocolate, Moroccan blue, and grape wine. There's tactical black, perfect for me.

True Purpose: 

When I need to use this as part of my emergency bug-out-gear, it can carry medical supplies, communication, ammunition, an extra weapon, or whatever I need to pull out in short notice while I'm on the move. 

With a shoulder bag, you could have quick access to things you regularly use. Backpacks are hard to rummage through when you need to reach something in a pinch. This is the essence of a shoulder bag.

Ballistic nylon is durable stuff.  I've been using another bag thats made with the same for nearly ten years and its still in wonderful shape.  I expect this one to do the same or better.  I'll keep ya'll posted on 2021.


Do not underestimate importance of a good bag. To survive the zombie apocalypse, we're gonna be doing a lot of vigorous work that will go beyond the usual wear & tear. WTSHTF, all warranties are void!

Won't it be great to have something that won't break down after a decade? Planned obsolescence sucks. If we're gonna endure a long-term crisis, we need gear that will go the distance. 

We also need to remember that looking cool is really important. Mrs. Zombie Hunter approves because this bag is a snazzy looking thing.  Be it your daily commute, an African Safari, or surviving a global zombie pandemic, high quality gear will help you outlast the competition.   

Stay vigilant!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tropical Storm Aere: A Glancing Blow

Document from the National Disaster Coordinating Council

We didn't take a direct hit from International Tropical Storm Aere.  We call it locally Typhoon "Bebeng".  However it still managed to bash the east coast of the country with a maximum wind speed of 83 km/h. and gusts reaching 102 kilometers per hour.  

What the forecast sources do not usually predict is the amount of rain these storms bring.  As of this writing, our northern provinces have suffered landslide damage to several residential areas.  Our best wishes go to the rescue teams & survivors.  

This is the first storm of the year out of the usual 18 that we get, so inspecting your defenses is a year-round task.  It also lets you see how local and private organizations are getting their act together.  You may be relying on these agencies to protect your family.  I've been wondering how they could help or hinder me when it comes to protection.  

Ask yourselves:

  • Have you prepared your emergency kit?  
  • Is your home secure?  
  • What services can you tap in case of a calamity?

For every rumbling of the earth, a shudder of the sky, or biohazard plague that emerges, we must remain on guard to protect our families.  So when the zombie apocalypse strikes, we'll be ready.

Stay vigilant!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Zombie Awareness Month 2011 and Cool Beats by Erik Hawk (Delicious People)

In celebration of ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH (MAY), I would like to share this really snazzy tune from master musician Erik Hawk.  

There is a challenge on the YouTube page that has a special prize for anybody who can figure out all of the movies found on this video.  

What does the Zombie Awareness Month mean to us?  Its all about being a responsible member of society!  We survivalists need to share our knowledge about zombies to our neighbors. 

Ignorance is not bliss.  It means zombification

Save living brains by sharing knowledge, and knowledge is ammunition!

PRO TIP: Do not forget that we must never embarrass our family.  The easiest way to do this is to creep out our neighbors.  Do this carefully, least we ostracize our children at the playground just because some poor ignorant parent does not believe in the zombie apocalypse.

For the sake of your families, be discreet.

Nevertheless, we must strive to educate people.  Start by looking for friends who are concerned about protecting their loved ones in case of big calamities.  Talking about recent disasters always gets the ball rolling!

This could lead to assembling a zombie crisis team. One family united in preparation for the zombie apocalypse is impressive.  Imagine what you could do with the help of like-minded comrades?  

Stay vigilant!