Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Run For Your Lives 2012

The VIRUS is spreading!

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES is now happening in 11 locations across America. 2011 was a huge success and this year promises even bigger thrills. You know its gaining momentum when the big news networks are talking.

There's a lot of videos on YouTube from participating runners, and its really cool that most of them were taken from the 1st person perspective. I really need to get one of those sunglasses with built-in video recorders.

Stamina and speed are important, but you really need to think on your feet to make it through the day.

All kinds of deadly challenges await the participants. From blood pits, an infested barn, dark tunnels, mud traps, deadly choke points, and things to climb over, this event will test the mettle of seasoned survivalists.

Don't wanna run? Wanna eat brains? Volunteer as a zombie! This totally rocks if you got creative make-up and latex skills.

Check out this volunteer's journal at The OMB's Lawn to find out what a cool dude and a lovely zombie named Deb endured to make the event extra special. Without the enthusiasm of awesome people like them, the whole event would suck.

This race is also a great opportunity to introduce non-survivalist types get into our vibe and spread zombie preparedness. If you ask me, I like this sorta thing way more than a zombie walk because nothing beats a runner's high!

Stay vigilant!


  1. I'm actually thinking about doing the one in Indy! It looks so fun and who wouldn't love to be chased by zombies!

  2. And could you imagine how nuts it would be to find out who among your team actually survives?

    I was in touch with the folks behind the event before it was launched last year. Its great to see how far this fun idea has come along.

    Good luck in your preparations!