Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Zombie Headshot Training: Pistols (Part 2)

Bald zombies... are easier to hit. 
I finally get to step up my training in the sport of IPSC practical shooting. There are a lot of big tournaments that I'm looking forward to join this year and I'm hitting the firing range on a weekly basis. Good times are here!

Even my dad is returning to competitive form. He scores higher than me most of the time, and that means I often buy the cold drinks & chow after range time.

Aside from competition, I am using this as an opportunity to upgrade my zombie-killing skills. The video below is me practicing against a row of steel plates.  I love shooting at those palm-sized targets because of the nice "ping" sound you get when hitting them. I get a warm fuzzy feeling from knocking them down one after the other.

If only I could get our Range Officer to design moving steel plates for me to train with. That would be awesome!

Above is a video of a "man vs man" match, I'm on the right. Two guys try to knock down their row of targets faster than the other guy. There are numerous variations to keep it lively. Indoor practice is good, but I love being out in the sun!

Whatever you do, please practice the fundamentals of FIREARM SAFETY. Wear eye and ear protection at all times, and set steel targets at the proper distance to minimize ricochets. 

Train hard, train often, have fun. It directly contributes to winning the coming zombie war.

Stay vigilant!


  1. I really have to go with you to one of these events soon. Mrs Zombie Hunter still not up to it?

  2. She's becoming more receptive to getting training from me in the near future. I'll keep you posted buddy.

    Hey Anne, I love your work! Your parenting articles are top notch and I'm learning from you!

    Dad skills are a key element to survival.

  3. Damn! Only my late granpa knows how to use a gun (shotgun). I need to learn how to use a gun! I'm just wondering how much is a gun in Armskor plus bullets, training, and licensing.. (I don't know the legal details of carrying/possessing a gun)

  4. dude, check em out here: http://www.armscor.com.ph

    They can help with licensing requirements.

    Don't let the local brand turn you off, as I said before Armscor makes competitive level stuff. Sure you've got STI and Para-Ordnance, but I stand by our local brand.

    If you wanna get into practical shooting, I suggest the .40 caliber high-capcity 1911 model pistols. When you get comfortable with it, you can go to Metrillo Gun Corporation.


    They are one of the best gunsmiths in the country! Really professional guys who charge a very fair price and great turnaround time. They improve any firearm and are the gunsmiths of many champions.

    I sometimes go there to gawk at the equipment of my competitors.

    And make sure you get good training. Look up this website and click their Gun Clubs tab on the left. That can give ya a good database of clubs to join and train with.