Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Can you survive a zombie attack?

Check out this fun info-graphic from

As you all know, my top zombie killing weapon would be the axe. It is the perfect zombie killing weapon and I'm sure my chances would be a heckuvalot better than 72%. And gimme that banana. With one of those I could plant a sustainable garden to feed my family until the crisis subsides.

Oh yeah. A crotch kick on a zed won't knock them down because their center of gravity is higher up. It will however score you 100 feel-good points before you kick their ass. 

I also love their slogan: "don't delay, train today!". Its something I've been trying to say long before this zed thing went all over the media. 

More fun stuff from them coming real soon!

Think you've got what it takes to survive? Learn more at the Zombie Bootcamp Experience.

Stay vigilant!

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