Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gear up with David's Survival

Getting through a rough time requires the right skills and equipment. Preparing for any calamity is not as easy as it sounds. Getting started is one thing, finishing the job is quite another!

Our friends at David's Survival offers to simplify this process by offering sound advice and a growing selection of equipment.

I dig that they are covering a range of calamities such as earthquakes, weather disturbances, and even a nuclear attack. One cannot be too prepared.

Check out the Survival Bag. The contents are practical and portable. There are similar packs out there, but I'll bet you've never thought of a mini-chainsaw or using coffee filters for helping with water purification. You can get all of this in one convenient package! I believe this is a decent gift for you or someone you care about.

I'm looking forward to more updates from David's. Come on folks, finish that bug out bag already!

Stay vigilant!

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