Friday, September 28, 2012

Zombie Attack at the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

Activists from Greenpeace have recently staged a protest outside the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources. While I'm always wary about GREENPEACE, they managed to entertain me with their zombie attack at the gates of the government building.

Zombie gals!
Photos are from Yahoo! News

Its very well-known that big business pays off the inspectors to get away with dumping their waste that is filled with chromium, zinc, copper and nickel into key waterways. When you do something like that, you poison the water and the fish in it. You can't drink or eat. Life sucks.

this lake is surrounded by major cities
it provides fresh water and food for millions

The amount of damage done by these companies to the Laguna Lake at this point cannot be determined. It has been going on for so long, it is a wonder that the ecosystem has been able to bear it.  This concerns me because we buy a lot of fish coming from this area.

As of this writing, three-eyed fish have not yet been detected by my agents.

Despite my misgivings over Greenpeace, I cannot help but smile at this "attack" on the government. The problem with our fledgling democracy is how slowly our laws are passed. A lot of them are quite progressive but Congress is hopelessly distracted by the lobbyists and other unimportant things.

Congress are the real zombies. Most of them are mindless and bloated monsters who eat the flesh of the poor.

Perhaps a zombie attack like this could draw attention from various sectors. I hope this stunt gets noticed. 

I also love the environment and I always do my part. Any body of water is a precious resource and I'd rate it as important as Health Care. I mean, look at how many people live around the lake! The thing is a fish basket and big industry treats it like a toilet. 

Darn it, I'm getting worked up. Pollution is bad folks.

Stay vigilant!


  1. I wanna see this live!! I want to somehow emulate what will look like if I saw a horde of zombies walking!

  2. I recently visited Laguna de Bay and there are no fish fence anymore and the water looks murky and brownish.

    Compare to previous looks of it during my other visits where there are a lot of fish fences. They also have this large tube near the bay. I wonder what it's for.

  3. Dear Mr. Hunk Rider Black,

    I'm too chicken to ride a fast bike, so I'll read up on your adventures. I'll never get tired of the photos and commentary. And I really dig your travel diaries, you the man!

    Google Outbreak Manila, their zombie runs are pretty awesome! I think they are planning to have one this Halloween. That one should be epic.

    cheers yo

    - TZH

  4. ^I just checked the site but I'm not into marathon.. However, I do practice sprints 2-3x a week. We need to improve our sprints to get away from zombie hordes ASAP instead of running long distance.. We also need to master parkor.

  5. agreed. fitness is good!

    parkour + stamina + carrying heavy ass bag = longer life