Monday, October 22, 2012

Cool Artist: Kittiwat Unarrom, "Body Bakery"

Well hello there survivors. Halloween is merely a few days away. Let's crank up the creepy factor.


Bread. Body parts. These are words that should never be uttered in the same breath. And yet, a Fine Arts Student from Thailand has managed to create a unique experience that shall horrify you while delighting your palate. 

Kittiwat Unarrom is the brains behind BODY BAKERY. He is a Master in Fine Arts and is the son of a baker. What a deadly combination!

They look like chopped up people. Dead people! Walking into his establishment feels like entering a crime-scene or well-stocked morgue instead of a bakery.

Mr. Unarrom carefully sculpts each of his creations to look as realistic as possible and the effect is terrific.  The attention to detail could  probably fool Lt. Horatio Caine of CSI: Miami. 

I'm pretty sure this stuff would be pretty wild as birthday gifts.

Just don't try to bring these on an airplane unless you plan on explaining yourself to the police, immigration officials, or other philistines.

Horror is as primal as hunger. It is in our bones. It requires little or no conscious thought at all, and I believe Mr. Unarrom's work helps us understand ourselves a little better.  

We should confront scary stuff, not run away from it. At least this time we can eat it too!

If you have an open mind you'd get all that from munching on a "dismembered arm pastry" while slurping down the "bone marrow" that is actually some cranberry cream filling.

"if you get me one of these I'll kick your ass" 
- Mrs. Zombie Hunter

creative genius, strong stomach

If you are ever in Ratchaburi, Thailand, make sure to visit his shop! Its art baby.

Stay vigilant!


  1. I'm also a son of a baker and I have baked around XX,XXX breads in my whole life.. (Geez, people come in our bakery like bunch of zombies specially at noon.)But never even once that I had a thought of making one of these.. Creepy.. I wonder if they taste delicious.. Personally, its hard to make something tasty with just food coloring and the bread doesn't look soft and looks dry.. I wonder if people really did eat it..

  2. I figure they should taste OK. good point on the food coloring and flavor. Perhaps they have nice cream filling or nuts. I like nuts in bread

    you can bake bread and I know you can cook. the ladies will always find that badass. its also an essential survival skill.

    I'm not yet that good at cooking...

    You guys own a bakery? Awesome! Its my favorite morning hangout after jogging. If it were in my neighborhood I'm sure I'd be a regular.