Monday, March 25, 2013

Been a While!

I hope ya'll have been doing well this year. Things have been great for my family and my career. My wife & I have ran our 1st half-marathon together. We did it under 3 hours and we're mighty pleased because we can do much better in the 2 more events this year.

Our home has even more healthy vegetables growing in the back yard and we've been having good eats. My little girl is finally getting into sports! She's 4 years old but has a knack for the athletics. Heck yeah, life is good.

I've picked up a few new weapons for Smashing Coconut Tests, however I've been taking my time with my reviews.

My bug-out-bag is still being revised and improved, however the rainy season that takes up 70% of our year is something that we will have to adapt to. Fighting zombies in waist-high water WILL be a huge challenge.

Things are gonna get interesting real soon. Whatever happens, keep up your preparations.

Stay vigilant!

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